How your prescription can save you $729

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A special offer for prescription drug patients from The Place.

By Donerae Testa, The Place

For several months now, I’ve been sharing some of our clients’ experiences of a happier, healthier life due to their hot tub. 

Our family would like you to feel better, too, so for once in your life having your medical condition is actually going to save you money. 

Here’s how: 
Bring in a prescription medicine bottle treating a condition for which a hot tub would bring relief, and save an extra $729 off the already low sale price on a Nordic Retreat MS.

This tub will help if you suffer from arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, circulatory issues, lupus, fibromyalgia, hip and knee osteoarthritis, chronic heart failure, high anxiety, back pain, hypertension, joint problems, cerebral palsy, and more. 
The tub features dual therapy for active and passive muscle/joint relief plus a sanitation system used in hospitals. 

Here’s how you save:
The Nordic Retreat MS retails for $7,888, but during our fall sale, it has been reduced by $2,389 to a sale price of just $5,499. Take off an extra $729 “compassion discount” when you bring in your prescription bottle, and the total price to you is just $4,770.

You’ll also save with Medina County’s low tax rate and free standard delivery. Since we couldn’t stay in business if we did this all the time, this offer is cash or check only and absolutely expires October 21, 2017.
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