How to plan a budget-friendly backyard barbecue

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Keep things casually controlled to make the most of the summer’s longer hours of daylight and warmer weather. Marc’s has you covered.

By Marc Glassman, Marc's Stores

Whether it’s a soiree or a shindig, a barbecue is an occasion to plan ahead. Don’t let your time or money go up in smoke. Remember the Boy Scout motto: “Be Prepared.” Otherwise, your next backyard outing could turn out to be an ordeal.

Keep things casually controlled to make the most of the summer’s longer hours of daylight and warmer weather. Marc’s has you covered. As a discount closeout and grocery store, Marc’s has everything you need for your barbecue bash, all under one roof.

Relax—and remember to give your guests somewhere to sit, too. Your backyard is an extension of your home. Lay out furniture on the patio the same way you would lay out the furniture in your living room, and tie it together with an outdoor rug. Keep a few inexpensive lawn chairs at hand. Outdoor cushions and pillows invite guests to sit back and relax, so they don’t wander into the house in search of a place to sit and eventually bring the party indoors as the evening wanes.

Speaking of which, our eyes adjust to the dark. As the evening wanes, all we really need is ambient light. A few rows of globe string lights and a few interspersed hurricane lamps are enough to set the mood and avoid an upturned glass of sweet tea. Marc’s carries a wide variety of teas, sodas and flavored water—enough to make everyone at your party happy.

So when do we eat?

Put something out to hold your guests over. Marc’s makes fresh, ready-to-serve party platters, made to order. The Vegetables & Dip Platter, Extra Large Fruit Platter and the cold-cut Buffet Party Platter should tide your guests over.

Bring on the burgers. Budget a half-pound of ground beef per person. For smaller gatherings, nothing tops the taste of grilled steak. Marc’s handpicks only the best 100 percent USDA Choice beef.

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