Higher tech

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The KGC Computers team includes founder Keith Castle (standing), IT Manager Anthony DiPaolo (right), Desktop Technician Curt Misenko (center) and Systems Administrator Rick Le Beau (left). (Photography by Benjamin Margalit/Margalit Studio)

By Patricia Nugent

Keith Castle, founder of KGC Computers, looks back on his past decade in business—from fixing that first PC to branching out to networking and security, website development, SEO, IT consultation for big and small businesses and, most recently, phone systems and fiber optics—with a sense of awe, pride and, above all, gratitude.

“We wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for those initial customers who passed on their positive experience with us to friends,” he recalls. “I cannot say thank you enough to the folks in the Brunswick and Medina areas for supporting us along the way.” 

Loyal clients report their relationship with KGC is all about trust. Unlike the big box computer companies, Keith says they are not in business to “make as much money off of each customer as we can.”

Each relationship they foster is based on the overriding premise of doing what’s right—expertly advising and educating people regarding the smartest options for their tech needs.

“If your system isn’t running as smoothly as it should, then your business isn’t running smoothly, either,” says Anthony DiPaolo, KGC’s IT Manager.

He explains that they work with companies as small as three networked computers to large manufacturing operations.


For instance, in 2011, the techs consulted with Rundle Heating and Cooling in Columbia Station, studying their workflow serving 4,000+ customers to pinpoint a streamlined network of five PCs and a new server.

“Our business is running efficiently,” says Mary Jo Rundle. “And whenever there’s a problem, they are quick to respond.” 

One of KGC’s biggest clients, Unique Home Solutions in Hinckley, relies on KGC to coordinate the flow of daily business activity, from customer database management to network securities and internet access.

“With 85 employees in Cleveland, and upwards of 40,000 customers to manage, we appreciate the invaluable service KGC has offered us since 2013,” says UHS Executive Assistant Jacqueline Olson.

“They are responsible for virtually anything that plugs into the wall, and we’ve been more than happy with their capability to handle any glitch.”

With Unique Home Solutions and most of KGC’s corporate clients, system backup is an integral component. KGC has partnered with the Barracuda backup software network, which Keith points out is the top provider in the industry in terms of redundancy.

“What we do revolves around the highest levels of technology. No matter what the service, our customers appreciate the creativity we use to come up with real world solutions,” say Keith, who was an IT Coordinator at Southwest General Hospital before branching out on his own.

Joining he and Anthony in the day-to-day operations are fellow team members Desktop Technician Curt Misenko and Systems Administrator Rick Le Beau.

On the Residential Side
Although much of KGC’s business is commercial, Keith says they still enjoy catering to a wide base of residential customers.

Keith’s crew specializes in diagnosing and fixing problems, such as viruses. To keep up with the growing demand for protection, they recently introduced an affordable monthly anti-virus package.

KGC Computers is located at 2967 Nationwide Parkway, Suite 3, in Brunswick. If your computer seems slower than usual, it may be compromised with a virus. Bring it in and the team can give it a checkup, fix the problem if necessary, and recommend opportunities for you to optimize your system going forward. KGC works with individuals and businesses throughout the Cleveland and Akron areas. Call 330-460-0075 or visit KGCComputers.com to set up a consultation.