Here’s why you should take your party to Bunker Hill Golf Course

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The deck and patio—along with the Bunker Hill pavilion—make perfect venues for parties and fundraising events. (Photography by Benjamin Margalit/Margalit Studio)

By Ken McEntee

When the ladies league at Bunker Hill Golf Course—the longest running league in Medina County—finishes its play every Thursday, the fun invariably swings over to the deck overlooking the meticulously landscaped course.

“Our deck off Bunker’s Grill Restaurant and Bar is a wonderful venue for relaxing, socializing and networking,” suggests Chad Gibson, Bunker Hill’s general manager.

That, he says, is why it’s common for local businesses to conclude the workday by popping over to Bunker Hill to wind down with appetizers and a drink or two on the deck, or the outdoor patio below it.

“They’ll drop by after work for an informal social hour,” Chad says. “There’s no need to plan ahead. If you have a group of a dozen or more, just give us a couple hours’ notice and we’ll set you up with a nice appetizer platter between $50 to $200, depending on how elaborate you want to get.”

The westward facing deck and patio almost always receive a refreshing breeze and are the ideal spots to watch the sun set spectacularly behind the fairways, Chad promises.

The deck and patio—along with the Bunker Hill pavilion—also make perfect venues for parties and fundraising events, which just happen to be Chad’s specialties.

“Depending on the size of your group, our chef Roger Hardman will set you up with a plated meal or a buffet,” Chad says. “Another fun option is to have appetizer stations around the deck, which encourages people to get up and network.”

Full bar service—and three-gallon hurricanes—are offered both on the deck and the patio.

“Wedding rehearsal dinners on the deck are very popular and we have a wedding booked this month as well,” Chad says.

“Our gazebo on the second hole is a beautiful place to take pictures—especially with the flowers in full bloom. We had a lot of kids come in to take prom pictures there this year.”

Hosting special events and fundraisers couldn’t be simpler, promises Chad, who has specialized in hassle-free events throughout his career in golf course management.

“Our motto is, ‘Let our team lead your team to success,’” he says.

“Some things we do here that are significantly different from most places are we will build you a flier and set up a Facebook events page so you can share your event. We also set up an event website that can handle registration and payments so somebody doesn’t have to go around trying to collect money, which is usually one of the biggest hassles for the organizer. It also makes it easy for people who can’t attend the fundraiser to make donations.”

Speaking of special events, Bunker Hill makes it easy to show your appreciation to dad on Father’s Day. Although Bunker’s Grill will be closed for inside seating on Father’s Day, the chef and his team will be barbecuing Dad’s favorites on the grill on the lower patio. A discount will be offered with a golf ticket.

Meanwhile, with the help of Mimi, you can set dad up with half-priced golf and food packages at, where $30 restaurant certificates are offered for $15, and golf discounts include two 18-holes games for the price of one, and four 18-holes games for the price of two.

To schedule your fundraiser, you can reach Chad on his mobile phone at 216-469-9241. You can find more information about Bunker Hill—and its Bunker’s Grill restaurant—at Bunker Hill is located at 3060 Pearl Road, at Hamilton Road, in Medina.