Heavenly Touch Maids can help you enjoy summer with your family and have a clean house, too

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Heavenly Touch Maids team leaders like Leah (pictured) handle weekly cleaning and deep spring cleaning in two-person teams. (Photography by Benjamin Margalit/Margalit Studios)

By Mimi Vanderhaven

In Northeast Ohio, summer is short; really short. 

By the time we get the flower beds weeded and the mulch spread, we find ourselves making plans for the Fourth of July. Immediately after that we start shopping for back to school and suddenly we feel a nip in the air and we hear the tweet of football referee whistles and the rumbling of school buses.

Although we can’t stop summer from slipping away, we can get every drop of joy out of it by spending our valuable summer weekends on adventures with friends and family instead of cleaning house. Imagine the neighbors heading off to the lake for a fun-filled Saturday while you and your kids are vacuuming, dusting, mopping and cleaning toilets.

Don’t let this happen to you.

The “Mimi-Spring Cleaning”
If you haven’t gotten around to spring cleaning yet, it’s not too late. You could dedicate a precious weekend of family time to do your own spring cleaning and achieve amateur results, or you could call the pros at Heavenly Touch Maids, an 11-year-old company employing over 30 professionally-trained maids who have cleaned thousands of Greater Akron homes. 

They can tackle a build-up of dust, grease, grime, mud, salt, pet hair, cobwebs, and illness-spreading bacteria while you enjoy a picnic with the family or a trip to Cedar Point.

It’s an affordable yet deep cleaning known as “The Mimi-Spring Cleaning.”

“Our Mimi-Spring Cleaning is similar to our Full Spring Cleaning except we don’t scrub the walls,” explains Erin Schultz, Heavenly Touch’s office manager who will likely be the one to answer the phone when you call.

“We clean virtually everything else—from kitchen cabinets and appliances to furniture, wall art and shelving, to toilets, showers and baseboards. And when we clean your tile or wood floors, we get down on our hands and knees. It’s the only way to do the job right.”

According to Erin, the number one reason people call this time of year is to protect valuable family time. 

“When it’s sunny and 80 degrees outside, no one wants to be inside cleaning the house,” she says. “We also help families clean their homes for get-togethers like graduation parties and July 4th cookouts. And more and more we’re cleaning houses before they go on the market so they look their best for potential buyers.”

Professional Teams
Heavenly Touch Maids arrive in teams of two, including a team leader who oversees the job. The pair divides and conquers so they can do a professional job without being in your home all day. Working in teams also allows furniture to be moved safely, if required.

“Our employees undergo a comprehensive training program, including how to properly dust and vacuum,” says owner Rick Winrod. “Plus, we have weekly refresher training so we stay on top of the industry.”

Unlike other companies that pay maids a percentage of the job, Heavenly Touch offers a competitive hourly wage so there is no incentive to rush.

“Our teams are professional, diligent and flexible,” adds Erin. “We can handle your weekly cleaning, plus pay special attention to areas that you request.”

Post-illness cleanings are also a good idea. Some bacteria—like those that cause strep throat and ear infections—can live outside of the body for long periods of time.

Cleaning the Right Way
The Heavenly Touch Maids staff has long-term tenure and gets rave reviews. 

“With years of experience, we really do know how to clean,” Erin smiles. “Every day I get text messages complimenting the work we do, but I like it best when a client tells me their plans for a fun weekend and how they couldn’t do it if it weren’t for us. It’s like our slogan says, ‘Your time is precious…our time is affordable.’”

Heavenly Touch Maids serves all of Greater Akron. For more information or to receive a free, no-obligation quote, call 330-929-3410. The company maintains an A+ rating with the BBB. For more information, visit HeavenlyTouchMaids.com.