Getting into a routine

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By Erin Mellinger, Fitness Together Fairlawn and Medina

When it comes to exercise and nutrition, routine is so important. Summer can be a little crazy for everyone, so fall is a great time to refocus on your routine and habits. Here are some simple tips to help you be more consistent.

Be sure to add exercise to your schedule. As you get curveballs in your day or week, do your best to not change your appointment to exercise. If you haven’t exercised regularly for a while, be realistic with yourself. Start with a routine of three days a week and then try to add a fourth or fifth day in a few weeks.

Going to the grocery store once a week can ensure that you have all the healthy food you need on hand. Fresh foods will not last longer than that, so shopping weekly can help you to have better quality foods more often. Think ahead and make a list before you head to the store. Some days can be unpredictable, but you can be ready if you have plenty of healthy foods stocked in your home.

Take time to prepare your food. Try grocery shopping and meal prepping on different days. There is no need to take an entire day on the weekends and devote it to meal prepping. Instead, take small amounts of time on the weekends to cut up veggies and fruits, cook some protein or organize snacks. A little time prepping on the weekends can save a lot of time devoted to meals during the week. Although it may feel time consuming, you are really being more efficient with your time when you prep several meals at once.

If you need help getting into a routine, contact Fitness Together. We help hold our clients accountable to a consistent routine and guide them with the proper exercise and nutrition program for their goals.

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