Gerri’s Closet is back up and running safely, with a dynamic assortment of summer’s must-have finds

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The fashionable Gerri Talevich, owner of Gerri’s Closet, has adapted her business model to accommodate shoppers who long for an in-store experience as well as those who enjoy buying from the comfort of home. Right now, the store is packed with fashionable goodies representing today’s hottest looks and most sought-after brands. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Beth Newcomb

When the recent government mandate forced Gerri Talevich to temporarily shutter her wildly popular Gerri’s Closet, arguably one of the most popular consignment shops in Northern Ohio, necessity became the mother of invention.

“We had to quickly figure out a way to adapt,” Gerri says. “Our website isn’t set up to accommodate the constant influx of new fashions we receive, and we were getting so many inquiries from clients who were missing out on their shopping fix—and the opportunity to connect with us.”

Gerri’s creative juices went into overdrive, and she figured out a way to offer both.

“I decided to create an impromptu video for Facebook,” Gerri smiles. “I highlighted some of the goodies we have in store and had the opportunity to talk to my customers.”

That video, along with a few others, resulted in 326 pieces being sold.

“It’s so much fun to do them, and it gives us the opportunity to connect with people who may not be able to get to the store on a regular basis, or those who aren’t ready to venture out in public just yet, so we’ve decided to make them a permanent fixture on our Facebook page.”

Now that Gerri’s Closet is up and running again, temporarily with limited hours, Gerri and her attentive staff members have been busy stocking the racks with the influx of fresh merchandise she’s received.

“Ironically, we’ve added several new consigners to our mix, so we’ve got some really juicy pieces hitting the floor every day,” she smiles. “People had so much time on their hands, they cleaned out their closets and brought the good stuff to us.”

As a 22-year-old business, Gerri says she’s thankful that her devoted clientele kept her shop top of mind during the pandemic, and that they’re returning in droves. She’s already locked in on fresh summer trends, offered, as usual, at affordable prices. And she and her team are naturally following every safety precaution, including sanitizing all new merchandise, limiting the number of people in the store, and sanitizing the fitting rooms.

But Gerri assures me there is never a line out the door, so there is no waiting to get inside. And, as is the hallmark of her business model, Gerri continues to offer a couple different departments at 20% off each day.

“We’re definitely seeing the pent-up demand unfold, and while our Facebook videos have really taken off, nothing beats and up-close-and-personal visit to our store,” she smiles.

With every precaution in place, Gerri’s Closet is welcoming customers back to discover even more affordable fashions.

Because Gerri always keeps her guests’ comfort in mind, she’s even making private shopping experiences available to those who might have compromised health at this time.

With her finger on the pulse of what’s happening right now, Gerri says dresses are in, in, in. Full and fabulous, they’re in high demand. She’s got tons.

“Our consigners are women who love fashion and often embrace a trend before it hits Northern Ohio. They also cycle through their wardrobes quickly, refreshing their closets completely each season,” Gerri notes. “We get the highest quality merchandise and our customers enjoy a huge savings.”

Gerri says she and her team have a talent for helping their guests pull a look together. So, if all you have is an idea of what you like, they can help to make it gel into a snappy, stylish ensemble in no time.

“We’re very service oriented,” she enthuses. “We help our shoppers not only understand what the latest trends are, but also how to wear them.”

“We’re fighters,” Gerri adds. “And we know people support the idea of recycling fashion. We are doing the very best we can to create a safe environment for people who do want to get out and shop.”

Gerri’s Closet is located at 4195 Massillon Road in Uniontown (in the city of Green). Temporary hours are Tuesday, 12 p.m.-6 p.m.; Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.; Saturday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. The phone number is 330-896-8141 and the web address is The Facebook page is very active, with posts of new merchandise happening almost hourly. For the time being, consignment drop-offs are by appointment only.