Fitness with punch

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Every client is taught the fundamentals of boxing to get the most out of his or her personalized workout routine.

By Mary Malik

For a lot of people, the start of the New Year marks the launch of a new or renewed commitment to diet and exercise. But before you throw your first punch, Evan Daiber, owner of 2 Tone Boxing Club in Beachwood, needs to know your fitness goals. Based on those goals, he and his instructors then formulate a plan just for you.

“We first do an assessment,” says Evan. “If your goal is to lose 20 pounds, we approach your training very differently than someone who wants to gain muscle or strength for improvement in a specific activity like running or golf.”

According to Evan, this focus on your specific goals is the benefit of personal training. And at 2 Tone Boxing, personal training means personal attention. 

“We are very service oriented,” says Evan. “Clients are greeted at the door with a towel and water bottle. And because we keep such a high end service element, clients have even referred to us as the Ritz Carlton of boxing clubs and personal training studios.”

But don’t think this means Evan or any of the trainers will go easy on you. Whether it’s a personal training session or one of the many boxing, boot camp, yoga box or kickboxing classes offered, the trainers are experienced, knowledgeable and tough. 

“I am a professional boxer and all of my instructors have at least amateur boxing experience,” says Evan. “We all have the expertise and the knowledge to get you moving, and hold you accountable for your own health and well being. Sometimes people just need a little motivation and knowing someone is here waiting to help them improve their lives is tough to ignore.”

Evan stresses that boxing experience is not necessary at 2 Tone Boxing Club. You will be taught the proper fundamentals of boxing on a bag for a full body workout. 

“The four trainers and I have many years of boxing experience,” says Evan. “The techniques we teach are both fun and effective. You can burn over 1,000 calories in one workout.”

With the free 2 Tone Boxing Club app, signing up for a fitness class has never been easier. There also are kids’ classes for the 12 and under crowd. 

“It’s never too early to get them moving and teach important fitness fundamentals,” says Evan. “Boxing is a lifelong skill that provides a well-rounded workout and improves strength and cardiovascular function for all ages.”

As a black belt in karate, Evan knows a thing or two about discipline and what it takes to not just start a workout routine but also stick to one. 

“That’s why we encourage personal training, at least in the beginning,” says Evan. “Let us get you started. You’ll see some fast results, no matter your goals, and this will keep you going. It’s not a cookie cutter workout. Everything here is customized to your needs.”

And when Evan says “everything,” he means it. Even the timing of your workout can be flexible.

“We will build a class just for you,” he assures. “You want a 5 a.m. class or private session? I’ll do it, even if you’re the only one here. We have showers so you can change for work.”

In the future, Evan would like to open more clubs. For now, he’s focusing on everything the Beachwood facility has to offer. He plans to offer self-defense seminars and has added free training for both foster kids and those with Parkinson’s to the repertoire of classes.. 

“Rock Steady Boxing (RSB) is specifically geared toward people living with Parkinson’s,” Evan explains. “Boxing has been shown to reduce the symptoms and slow the progression of the disease by working on speed, strength, balance and flexibility. Everyone here is trained and ready to help.”

2 Tone Boxing Club is located at 23307 Commerce Park Rd. in Beachwood. For more information, call 330-801-9997 or email You can also download the free app.