Fairmount Center for the Arts

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Fairmount Center for the Arts offers visitors the chance to learn the art of music, painting, dance and more. (Photography by Benjamin Margalit/Margalit Studio)

By Mary Malik

Art is all around us. Part of the magic of art is that it encourages us to look at things a little differently, and maybe even try something new. That’s what Ron and Jan Kumin were counting on when they brought their vision of a community arts center to life with Fairmount Center for the Arts (FCA) in Novelty. 

“The Kumins built FCA in 1971 with the intention of providing a variety of artistic programming, including visual arts, dance, music and theatre,” says Brigitte Fiorille, FCA’s Director. “We offer lessons, classes and camps for all skill levels.”

“It’s rewarding to introduce the young children to art, dance and theater and watch them develop,” says Fairmount’s Media Manager Robyn Dubinsky. “It’s also nice for the instructors to engage with other artists as they develop their skills together. It’s a true community.”

And speaking of developing skills, FCA has partnered with Verb Ballets in order to offer professional dance instruction through Fairmount Dance Theatre (FDT). Verb Ballets is a contemporary ballet company that cultivates dance appreciation through community engagement. Its classically trained dancers offer professional training in the FDT program.


“Recreational weekly summer dance camps, along with session-long classes, are offered to introduce children and adults to a variety of dance forms,” says Brigitte. “FDT offers curriculum based, structured dance training in ballet, jazz, tap and contemporary dance along with the opportunity to take part in our amazing dance performances.”

Not only do FDT students learn from Verb Ballets dancers, but several have also taken part in the ballet company’s professional productions. 

“FDT classes are taught under the guidance of Dr. Margaret Carlson, a professional dancer and artistic director for Verb Ballets,” says Brigitte. “It’s a wonderful opportunity for students to work with these dancers here at our beautiful location.”

Just driving to the FCA building and experiencing the serene, natural setting evokes a feeling of calm. Maybe that’s what the Kumins had in mind when choosing the setting for FCA.

“The center is accessible to a wide community with this location. It provides opportunity to be involved in the arts in so many ways,” says Robyn.

The FCA has something for all ages. Starting at 18 months, classes are offered in art and Kinderdance (starting at age 2), where young dancers learn basic techniques in tap and ballet. Music lessons include private instruction in voice, piano, violin, viola, guitar, saxophone and ukulele.

FCA also offers unique fitness classes including fencing and Zumba, along with yoga, body sculpting and barre classes. 

“This is a special place,” says Brigitte.

“I brought my children here when they were young. I took a ceramics class, eventually taught ceramics here and have been involved ever since. It gave me the opportunity to develop myself. FCA was founded by the Kumins based on the idea of fostering creativity. That’s what we do here every day, and it’s a beautiful thing to be a part of.”


Fairmount Center for the Arts is located at 8400 Fairmount Road in Novelty. For more information about classes, renting the property for private functions or to find out more about showing your own artwork, call 440-338-3171 or visit FairmountCenter.org.