Exercise trends like HIIT might be hot, but at Fitness Together it’s all about what works for you

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Exercise trends come and go, and while you will experience elements of what’s hot and happening, your Fitness Together workout is tailored to you and getting you to your goal.

By Patricia Nugent

People Magazine’s best-selling covers—called the “Half Their Size” editions—tout tales of miraculous weight loss. For Gabi W. of Medina, her transformation is actually more about what she gained: lean muscle and a winning self-image.

She joined Fitness Together in Medina last December with a goal of getting more toned and feeling stronger.

“Looking like a Victoria’s Secret model was not in my plan,” says the perky 20-something, laughing.

She first found out about the studio from her brother, who joined when he wanted to get in peak shape before shipping out with the United States Air Force. He strongly recommended the elite level of one-on-one training in private exercise suites outfitted with all the latest equipment.

“The program blew my expectations out of the water,” she recalls.

“I was expecting a drill sergeant screaming at me in a super strict environment and being in pain. But the trainers were incredibly kind and supportive, invested in my mental and emotional, as well as physical health. They are now like family.”

Results Came Pretty Quickly
Gabi has morphed her body composition for the better, dropping 15 pounds and seven percent of her body fat, which resulted in the loss of many inches and a couple sizes.

“I’ve struggled with my weight most of my adult life, so I did not expect to lose 15 pounds,” she says.

As part of the Fitness Together methodology, every six weeks the trainer and client do an assessment of their progress.

She shares that just this week she hit a personal record for squats, going from 55 pounds last December to 120 pounds, which is pretty impressive. And her attitude toward exercise has shifted, too. She used to hate cardio, and now that’s her favorite day of the week.

“I figured I’m in the last year of my 20s so it was time to stop comparing myself to others and enjoy the body I’m in,” she says.

“And I do. This is the first time I’m actually looking forward to bathing suit season. My positive outlook has changed the way I see myself. I no longer look at pictures and think of myself as fat.”

Knowledge is Power
Erin Mellinger, who is a trainer as well as owner of Fitness Together here in Medina and other locations throughout Northeast Ohio, can often be heard saying, “Knowledge is power.”

She explains that their formula of consulting with clients and assessing their numbers before creating a program that will meet their goals is based on a mix of science and accountability.

“Exercise trends come and go,” she says. “Sure, High Intensity Interval Training is trending now. And we utilize elements of that. But our workouts call into play whichever mode of training will work best for each client. And that’s always on-trend.”

Says Gabi, “I love how everything is part of a plan custom-fit to my goals. During a session, the trainer would check the weight I did for a specific move and push me to bump that up. They pushed me harder than I ever would have pushed myself.”

Smarter Nutrition Amps the Results
Erin reports that across the board their clients consistently show increased success when combining a nutritional component to smart exercise.

“We offer the six-week Nutrition Together program, overseen by a registered dietician, to encourage people to eat smarter and get rid of their unhealthy eating behaviors,” she says.

Fitness Together’s Fairlawn studio is located at 2890 Sand Run Parkway, Suite B. The Medina studio is located within the Medina Signature Square Shopping Center at 3725 Medina Road, Suite #106. Call 330-550-9839 for more information on either location. You can visit the studios online at FitnessTogether.com/Fairlawn or FitnessTogether.com/Medina.