Every day, hundreds of homeowners across Northeast Ohio turn to Perfect Power Wash to beautify and maintain their home

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Clean that's worth coming home to.

By Randal Vanderhaven

There’s nothing like the feeling of pulling in the driveway at the end of a long day and relishing in the joy of spending time with family. That joyous feeling increases exponentially at the end of your work week, knowing that, at least for a few short days, you’ve got some well-deserved leisure time. 

For some of us, that might mean an early tee time on Saturday with a few cold ones on the back nine (this is my preferred method of weekending, for the record). For others, it might mean chasing the kids around in the backyard while they sprint from the pool to the trampoline to the basketball hoop. 

Yet still, there remains a group of us that, for whatever reason, decides to squeeze into rubber gloves, grab a mop and bucket, and start on one floor of the house and don’t stop until they either pass out from exhaustion or they finish the entire house. It’s about time you regain some of your precious free time.

Today, there exists a number of friendly, helpful service companies that can help you regain most, if not all, of your precious free time for a minimal monetary outlay. Housekeeping services, lawn care companies, dry cleaning, and power washing services, they are all here to do one thing for us—give us back our free time.

How do we as consumers know which company is the right one for us? A good friend of mine once made quite a dramatic analogy to me when I was lamenting on my choices for power washing. “Randall,” he said, “if you’re getting open heart surgery, do you want a surgeon that’s on his third surgery, or on his three hundredth?” The choice was obvious, and my choice was Perfect Power Wash.

My experience was excellent, and it’s a story worth sharing. First and foremost, I’m a busy person. I don’t have time to wait around for folks to show up sometime between noon and next Thursday (like a certain cable company that will remain unnamed), and I simply can’t be bothered with paperwork. I need things fast, easy, and painless. 

My scheduling phone call was amazing. It took only a moment for the gentleman who answered the phone to pull up my property on a magical satellite system that put all of the pertinent information about my home at his fingertips. 

After a few quick questions and friendly banter, the gentleman had suggested services specific to my property that addressed all my concerns. He suggested a date for the services to be completed, and I mentioned that the family and I would be in Florida for my niece’s wedding that week. 

“No problem,” he explained. “No one needs to be home for us to complete the work.” Finally, I thought to myself, somebody who gets me. We went with the date he suggested.

I glanced at my watch as I pressed the end call button on my cell phone and realized that it had only taken six minutes. 

After a smooth, on-time landing at Cleveland Hopkins airport the following week, the family and I embarked on the short drive back to our home in Hudson. As I pulled around the corner, I quickly noticed the house literally glimmering in the late afternoon sun. It was at that point I remembered: ah, yes, the Perfect Power Wash folks had been at the house while we were away. 

As I pulled into my driveway that seemed to have regained its shine, my wife Tabitha remarked that the house hadn’t looked this nice since we had it built twelve years ago. 

After unloading the luggage and getting the kiddos started on dinner (grilled cheese and a half dozen pickles, a favorite of both), I headed outside to inspect the work. I quickly realized that my dramatic friend was spot on with his recommendation. My roof, which had black streaks on it the week before, looked beautiful and streak-free. The brick and siding on my home had a shine I wasn’t used to seeing. The composite deck I walked out on, which had previously been turning a nasty green color, was restored to its original look. “Wow,” I said out loud.

In the front yard, a sign proclaiming the purveyors of this clean look was proudly displayed for all to see: Perfect Power Wash. Yes, “perfect” is just the word I’d use. 

Tabitha joined me on the deck, handing me a glass of red, proclaiming, “Randall, that was a clean worth coming home to.” 

We spent the rest of the evening watching the sun set, admiring our perfectly clean home.

Perfect Power Wash, serving the homeowners of Northeast Ohio for over 18 years, can provide this same experience for you and your home. Give those folks a call at 330-645-8098 or 440-984-6402, or head to PerfectPowerWash.com to learn more about their services.