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Here’s how students in the Mentor School System are making a difference

In this season of giving, the students, teachers and administrators within the Mentor School System are quite creative when it comes to sharing their gifts with different segments of the community. In the middle school, through a national program adopted within Mentor schools, called Rachel’s Challenge, students are encouraged to start a chain...

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Mentor Public Schools: Sparking change

In a chemical reaction, a catalyst is needed to spark action and produce change. The Catalyst Program at Mentor Schools operates on the same premise. It’s an ultra-innovative, high-tech, fluidly arranged model classroom with an observational window that allows elementary teachers to explore new methods of learning. “Each class leaves...

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Mentor Public Schools: Accolades for Brentwood Elementary School

Teachers don’t always get the recognition they so richly deserve.  But at Brentmoor Elementary School, the teachers, administrators, parents and students thought enough of their educational culture to go through a lengthy evaluation process with the Ohio Association of Elementary School Administrators (OAESA) in Columbus to be recognized as a...

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Mentor Public Schools: Meet William Porter, interim superintendent

We kick off our monthly Mentor Public Schools educational series by profiling new interim superintendent William Porter. Now entering his 10th year with the school system, he has already served in many roles: teacher, building administrator and district-level administrator. “My various roles here have prepared me to view what’s happening in...

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How learning to play a musical instrument can help your child in school

A recent Northwestern University study has confirmed that in order to fully reap the benefits of a music class, students should not only be listening to music, but also learning to play a musical instrument. The long list of benefits includes fostering a sense of achievement and improvement in areas like coordination, memory, listening and social...

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