Dr. Laurel's sexual rewind

Dr. Laurel Matthews, of Dr. Laurel’s PRP Bar, uses platelet-rich plasma, a natural, clinically-proven method for restoring sexual function in men and women.

By Beth Newcomb

One of the best parts about being in an exclusive sexual relationship is the ability to share intimacy through a deeper connection. Regular sex, says Dr. Laurel Matthews, a board-certified physician with more than 35 years of practice experience and the owner of Dr. Laurel’s PRP Bar, helps couples maintain a closeness that can translate into a happier, healthier partnership.

But for many couples, growing older together often means the ability to get and stay aroused is diminished.

“There is a mismatch,” she explains. “The woman’s vagina becomes more lax, dryness occurs and it’s harder for her to get aroused. Men experience shrinkage and have a difficult time getting and maintaining an erection. It’s just a natural part of aging.”

But it can put a strain on an otherwise healthy union, with each person struggling to come to terms with the fact that he or she can no longer get to “the big O” without considerable effort.

Fortunately, Dr. Laurel offers two revolutionary procedures that can essentially turn back the hands of time on our aging sexual organs and restore the youthful function we once enjoyed.

The O-Shot for women (The Orgasm Shot) and the P-Shot for men (The Priapus Shot) start with a simple blood draw. Each patient’s blood is spun to separate out the platelet-rich plasma and then, capitalizing on its rejuvenating and restorative properties, that PRP is injected into the vagina or penis where it can begin to revitalize.

For women, PRP tightens the vaginal walls and increases sensitivity, lubrication and arousal, which results in spectacular orgasms. It also addresses some forms of incontinence.

For men, PRP eliminates erectile dysfunction, improves sensation and increases size. 

“PRP has eight essential growth factors responsible for promoting healthy cell production, new blood vessels and new nerves,” Dr. Laurel says. “It transforms the sex organs to a more youthful state.”

Because Dr. Laurel utilizes the Harvest system for the collection and extraction of PRP, patients enjoy a better, longer-lasting result.

“The benefits begin two to three weeks after treatment with full results in two to three months,” she says. “It lasts two to three years and no medication is required.”

You and your partner can schedule a complimentary consultation together or separately with Dr. Laurel Matthews, of Dr. Laurel’s PRP Bar, by calling 216-245-6682. The office is located at 3439 W. Brainard Rd., Suite 107, in Woodmere, next to the Whole Foods Plaza on Chagrin Blvd. To learn more, visit DrLaurelsPRPBar.com. Hours are by appointment with evenings and weekends available.