Dr. Joseph Little of The BRAIN Center is passionate about brains, specifically helping them to heal

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Treatments at Dr. Joseph Little’s The BRAIN Center are not only for those suffering from pain and other ailments, but they also can be used to enhance performance—whether helping a child perform his or her best in the classroom or an athlete optimize peak performance. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Laura Briedis

After Dr. Joseph Little’s brother sustained multiple blast-related traumatic brain injuries while serving in the Navy, and was struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic headaches, Dr. Little committed his medical research to devising mental, physical and neurological health solutions so he could help his brother.

Not only is his brother living a symptom-free life now, but Dr. Little is also helping countless others suffering from a host of ailments, including migraine, vertigo and dizziness, low back and neck pain, concussions, as well as mental health disorders.

As the owner of The Brain Rehabilitation and Integrative Neurology (BRAIN) Center, he is sharing his innovative techniques with patients and helping them enhance their overall well-being. Often that includes addressing mental health conditions such as learning and behavioral issues, cognitive decline, anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and other mood disorders.

Opening in 2018 in Hudson, The BRAIN Center recently moved to a larger facility in Cuyahoga Falls to allow them to better serve patients traveling from all over the state—some of whom travel as far as five hours, or fly in from surrounding states for intensive multi-day therapy.

The Brain Rehabilitation and Integrative Neurology (BRAIN) Center addresses mental health conditions such as learning and behavioral issues, cognitive decline, anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder and other mood disorders.

Real People, Real Results
For Victoria Palmman, who moved from Washington to Ohio last fall, The BRAIN Center has been a game changer. While working at a residential treatment program for kids with behavioral issues, she was viciously assaulted and suffers from post-concussion syndrome, post-trauma vision issues and dysautonomia.

“Since my injuries, I have seen more than 20 health care providers and nothing helped until I met Dr. Little, who was a speaker at the #notinvisible campaign, which brings attention to brain injuries,” says Victoria. “I have made gains in my recovery since seeing him that I thought were never possible.”

“So many times I have been blown off by doctors who don’t understand what a brain injury is and the symptoms it causes,” she says. “Dr. Little takes time to care for a patient and acknowledges every concern and answers every question. Healing from a head injury can be a long process, and he is there every step of the way advocating on your behalf.”

After Dr. Little developed a personalized treatment plan for Victoria, her vision issues have improved, along with improved balance and less fatigue.

“I treat a lot of difficult cases involving patients who have seen many doctors and have not improved,” notes Dr. Little. “Typically, I treat patients over a two-month period on a weekly basis, or I can do an intensive treatment in which we take two months of care and action-pack it into one week and treat the patient multiple times a day.”

Innovative Treatments
As a chiropractic physician with a focus on neurological conditions, Dr. Little offers noninvasive, drug-free solutions to lessen pain, improve brain function and enhance quality of life.

Dr. Joseph Little, owner of The Brain Rehabilitation and Neurology (BRAIN) Center, uses Transcranial Photobiomodulation on patient, Victoria Palmman, to increase blood flow and oxygen availability, enhance cellular function, and improve brain performance after she suffered brain injuries from an assault.

“Our approach is multimodal, in which we use various modalities to treat patients and take a functional look at the brain, motor systems and sensory systems and quantify how well they are performing,” he explains. “By looking at how brain function intersects with other systems in the body, we can begin to unravel complex health conditions and understand how best to assist with a person’s care.”

One of the innovative tools is Video Oculography (VOG), in which infrared cameras are placed inside goggles pointed at a patient’s eyes to take computerized eye movement recordings. The neurology behind eye movement correlates to different brain regions and provides a functional window into what the brain is doing.

“Not only are eyes the windows to the soul, they’re also the windows to the brain,” says Dr. Little.

Another tool is computerized dynamic platform posturography, which tests balance—a good marker for brain function.

“Based on the patient’s condition, we use sensory- and motor-based stimulation as a way to fire into different brain areas that are contributing to symptomatology,” Dr. Little explains. “It’s all about neuro-networks and how well they talk to each other.”

Innovative Solutions for Chronic Pain
“We’re very proud to be the only healthcare facility in Northern Ohio providing the world’s first and only FDA market-cleared low-level laser—the Erchonia FX 635—for the treatment of chronic pain,” says Dr. Little.

“Approximately one in five Americans suffer with some type of chronic pain,” he explains. “Currently, low back pain is the number one cause of disability worldwide and is a significant contributor to the opioid addiction epidemic.”

The BRAIN Center helps patients—including many collegiate and professional athletes—recover from pain and injury without the use of drugs or surgery. “Laser therapy can quickly and dramatically reduce pain by decreasing inflammation, improving blood flow, enhancing tissue repair and improving cellular energy production,” Dr. Little explains.

Enhancing Performance
Treatments at The BRAIN Center are not only for those suffering from pain and other ailments, but they also can be used to enhance performance—whether helping a child perform his or her best in the classroom or an athlete optimize peak performance.

“We provide specialized brain optimization therapies to help people perform better,” says Dr. Little. “Using cutting-edge, brain-based treatments, we can improve an athlete’s motor memory and optimize nervous system control, or help a child struggling with focus and attention issues.”

“There is no one in Ohio offering this type of therapy,” he comments. “I am excited to offer comprehensive health solutions for brain, pain and performance.”

To make an appointment call 234-900-9481. The BRAIN Center’s new location is at 63 Graham Road in Cuyahoga Falls. For more information, visit TheBrainCenterOhio.com.