Finesse Footcare offers a revolutionary treatment for nail fungus that really works

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To treat nail fungus, Dr. Danielle Shaper uses a wand that painlessly drills very tiny holes into the nail plate without puncturing the nail bed. It automatically senses when to stop and creates a path for topical medicine to reach the fungal area under the nail. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Patricia Nugent

As a ballet dancer, Dr. Danielle L. Shaper possesses a unique understanding of how the foot impacts stability, precision and getting your balance just right. She’s also a highly trained podiatrist who has the capacity to heal and correct foot and ankle issues.

Dr. Shaper named her practice Finesse Footcare because she felt it communicated a heightened level of skill, expertise and, most of all, an extra amount of focused, personalized care.

Tucked within a red-brick professional building at the corner of Richmond and Mayfield Roads in Lyndhurst, the offices include well-appointed treatment rooms and a cheerful lobby, decorated with charming posters of ballet dancers.

From the Stage to the Operating Room
Dr. Shaper grew up in Chicago, beginning ballet at age four. After graduating from the University of Illinois, she went on to the Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine in Chicago. Following a three-year surgical residency program in Boston, she moved to Cleveland to be closer to her husband Jon’s family in Beachwood.

Dr. Danielle Shaper, of Finesse Footcare, is a podiatrist and an active dancer. She understands how important it is to keep your feet healthy and functioning properly.

“I’ve been working with Dr. Brian Weiss for the past year in this practice and have enjoyed getting to know all the wonderful patients here,” she says, mentioning that she bought into the practice when he went on medical leave in August.

Finesse Footcare covers foot and ankle issues ranging from general podiatric concerns, such as ingrown toenails, bunions, hammertoes, plantar fasciitis, corns, warts, calluses and sprained ankles, to diabetic footcare, heel pain and spurs, sports medicine and surgery.

“Diabetic footcare is a growing part of our practice,” she says. “Since the disease can damage the feet with sores, we take this very seriously as it affects a patient’s overall wellness.”

Whatever the ailment, Dr. Shaper says she prides herself on taking time with each patient and providing a thorough plan.

“I believe in starting with conservative measures and moving forward from there,” she says.

Toenail fungus affects 35 million Americans each year. This common condition appears as thick, discolored nails and can lead to deterioration of the nail and bacterial infection.

Emerging Technologies
“When I took over the practice a couple of months ago, the first thing I did was bring in a digital X-ray,” she says. “It gives us a clear picture of the foot’s structures and helps in pinpointing a diagnosis.”

Custom orthotics are an integral part of the practice, and Dr. Shaper works with Forward Motion 3D orthotics for the most precise product. New technology allows her to digitally cast a person’s foot when creating custom orthotics. “No more messy plaster casts,” she says. “And the fit is perfect.”

Custom orthotics are an integral part of the Finesse Footcare practice, and Dr. Danielle Shaper works with Forward Motion 3D orthotics for the most precise product. New technology allows her to digitally cast a person’s foot when creating custom orthotics.

She also offers a state-of-the-art whirlpool bath for patients to enjoy a soak before treatment to help soothe and soften the nails and skin.

In addition to MicroDrilling for toenail fungus, Dr. Shaper reports she will soon be offering amniotic stem cell injections for heel and Achilles tendon pain.

Dr. Shaper continues to study dance and further her love of ballet with the Cleveland City Dance ballet academy. She says her adorable four-year-old daughter taking up ballet alongside her at the barre has been a special thrill.

Finesse Footcare is located at 5035 Mayfield Road in Lyndhurst. Same-day appointments are usually available. The practice accepts a wide variety of insurance plans. Dr. Shaper is a board-certified podiatric physician with the American Board of Podiatric Medicine. Call 216-382-8070 or visit for more information. Check out Dr. Shaper’s blog on her Facebook page, which covers everything from preventing running injuries to when to purchase shoes.