Does Google know you’re open?

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By Jim Marshall, Mimi's VP for Digital Sales and Fulfillment

This month, my oldest son is turning 13, so my wife and I decided to find a babysitter for our three other kids so we could plan a special day to celebrate—just the three of us. As we started pondering what we could do that wouldn’t be classified as “cringe” or “lame” by our new teenager, a common question kept coming up: “I wonder if they are even open?” or “I wonder how they are handling Covid-19?”

As we visited business websites or searched on Google Maps, I was surprised how few businesses were communicating the answers to these simple questions. Google Maps listings often show in large type: Verify info with this business. Hours or available services may differ due to Covid-19. This means the business has not taken the time recently to verify their information with Google.

As I clicked through to websites expecting the information to be front and center, it was again shocking how many websites made no mention of the pandemic. Many appeared to have not been updated for months or years.

If you are like us—busy parents of active kids—our only time to plan is typically after 10 p.m. when most businesses are closed, so I could not even call them.

If you are a business owner, it is vital to verify the information on your Google listing and clearly communicate on your website that you are open and taking extra steps to ensure the safety of your customers.

At Mimi, we understand that many businesses have limited resources, so these essential tasks are often put on the back burner at a time when they should be at the forefront.

With Mimi’s digital marketing package, we addresses the three most critical digital elements businesses need now more than ever. We can build you a more modern website and manage it for you, take over the management of your Google listing, and help generate more positive online reviews. And we can do it all with no setup fees and starting at just $149/month. Come join us.

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