Disappearing eyebrows can now be a thing of the past

Exhale Eye Brow 219
The estheticians at Exhale Spa are certified in microblading, in which semi-permanent ink is feathered in the outer layer of skin for natural-looking, enhanced eyebrows.

By Laura Briedis

Nestled inside the front lobby of the bustling, high-energy Fitness Center at University Hospitals Avon Health Center is Exhale Spa—offering a peaceful respite.

Though the vibe in the two areas may be polar opposite, the mission is the same: to improve each person’s overall well-being.

Open to the public and not just fitness center members, the spa offers a host of pampering and therapeutic services, including manicures, pedicures, facials, reflexology, reiki, ionic foot detox, and massages. And when booking any service at the spa, you get a complimentary pass to enjoy all the amenities at the adjacent 60,000-square-foot fitness center the same day of your spa services.

“We are the only spa in town that is part of a fitness center—providing additional wellness perks,” says Dana Doheny, Exhale Spa supervisor. “Before or after a spa treatment, you can work out in the fitness center, relax in the sauna, swim in the pool or even take a yoga or spin class—and it’s all complimentary.”

Advanced Facials
The facials at Exhale Spa not only make your skin feel good but also produce real results. Most notably, reduced fine lines and wrinkles.

One of the most advanced facials is Hydro-Microdermabrasion Plus, which promotes cell reproduction to minimize the signs of aging. This three-in-one treatment utilizes the natural healing properties of water and oxygen.

During the procedure, the esthetician dermaplanes your skin and then infuses different serums, including peptides, hyaluronic acid and anti-aging serums, to customize the facial to each client’s needs.

To complement its facials, Exhale Spa carries Image Skincare products, including an organic line and a medical-grade line.

“The oxygen portion of the facial promotes collagen production, restoring volume and firmness to skin that has lost elasticity,” comments Dana. “It is a great way to combat winter’s drying effect on your skin, as the deep exfoliation and hydration restores the soft, suppleness to your face.”

To complement its facials, Exhale Spa carries Image Skincare products, including an organic line and a medical-grade line, which blend potent botanicals with clinically smart ingredients to nourish your skin and build up defenses against stressors of early aging.

Eyebrow Microblading
Always on the cutting edge, Exhale Spa now offers microblading to enhance the appearance of eyebrows. Using a small blade shaped like a hair, semi-permanent ink is feathered in the outer layer of skin.

“The ink will slowly fade, but it lasts for about two years,” says Fhadya Ghommayd, certified microblading esthetician. “These hair strokes are more natural than the line appearance of tattooed eyebrows that you can never get rid of.”

“As an esthetician, I know how to design and shape the brow arch to complement the brow bone and facial features,” says Fhadya. “I take into consideration the person’s face shape, bone structure and eye shape. I enhance your look by framing your eyes and balancing your face.”

“It is important to note that your brows are not twins, but rather sisters, meaning the brows don’t match 100 percent because they have their own nuances.”

The esthetician blends the ink colors, usually one shade lighter than your hair color, but it can be customized depending if you want a more dramatic or more natural look.

“If microblading is not for you, we have other ways to enhance eyebrows through RevitaLash brow growing serum, brow tinting, or brow gels and pencils,” says Dana.

Exhale Spa is located inside the Fitness Center at University Hospitals Avon Health Center at 1997 Healthway Drive in Avon. Call 440-988-6801 for a spa appointment. The web address is UHHospitals.org/Fitness.