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Eliminate fat permanently with TruSculpt iD

“It’s not surgery, and it’s not a magic wand, but it will make a dramatic difference,” says Dr. Laurel Matthews, a board-certified physician and the owner of Dr. Laurel’s PRP Bar. With just one 15-minute treatment, 24 percent of the fat beneath the skin immediately starts releasing itself from the body—permanently...

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Instead of taking a pain pill or getting an injection for pain, try physical therapy first

Adam Cramer, PT, DPT, founder of MyoFit physical therapy clinics, is on a mission. He hopes people will come to think of physical therapy as medicine, and stop masking their pain with pills and injections. “Pain is the body’s natural alarm system…a way of getting your attention,” he explains. “It’s human nature to simply...

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Denise and Mark Zervos, of The Neighborhood Experts at Platinum Real Estate, want you to share your reason for the season

As the Grinch discovered after stealing toys and gifts from the folks of Whoville, Christmas is about more than money and presents. This year especially, as we all look for “a little bit more” meaning, Denise and Mark Zervos want to celebrate cherished holiday memories. As owners of The Neighborhood Experts at Platinum Real Estate,...

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Say goodbye to the pain, without medication

For 38 million Americans—roughly 18% of women—the pain of debilitating chronic migraines can be disastrous to their quality of life. Lucky for Kaitlyn Sydorenko, who started getting migraines at age 10, her mother, Kris, is a highly trained massage therapist. “Over the years, through trial and error, I combined specific...

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Improve your quality of life with incontinence treatment options close to home

For many women, urinary and fecal incontinence are embarrassing conditions that impact the quality of life. Fortunately, insists David Sheyn, MD, a urogynecologist at University Hospitals Geauga Medical Center, those conditions—and other pelvic floor disorders—are easily treatable, most often without surgery. “Too many women...

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