Coins can be valuable, explains owner Cara Reider at Chagrin Gold & Coins

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Chagrin Falls Gold & Coins offers cash on the spot for collectible coins

By Mary Malik

Whether you’re buying, selling, collecting or browsing, Chagrin Gold & Coins has what you’re looking for. And owner Cara Reider has a secret. Even though she also buys and sells gold, silver and collectibles, she is passionate about coins.

“I’ve always had an interest in coins,” says Cara. “And since starting this business that interest has grown. If you share my interest or just aren’t sure what you have in your collection or in your pocket, stop in and let me help.”

Cara says that like anything else collectible, rarity equals value. But there are different ways to evaluate rarity. Coins also have value based on when they were minted and the value of the metal.

“For example, dollar coins, half dollars, quarters and dimes are worth more than face value if they are pre-1964, when they were made of silver,” says Cara. “Nickels were only made with silver from 1942 through 1945, because nickel was used for war weapons.”

Evaluating coins is simple when it’s based on silver content. What gets tricky is the numismatic value, or value of coins to a collector.

“Several factors like year and condition will increase the numismatic value of a coin,” says Cara. “I always suggest bringing the coin in and I can take a look.”

Whether you’re a collector yourself, are starting a collection for a child, or you’re looking for information, Cara can help.

“I love seeing kids get involved in coin collecting,” says Cara. “It’s a fun way to learn about history. Bring your coins in and maybe we’ll discover a treasure you never knew you had.”

Chagrin Falls Gold and Coins is located at 8535 East Washington St. in Bainbridge, on the corner of East Washington and Rt. 306, just across from Dunkin’ Donuts. Hours are Monday through Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. For information, call 440-468-0099.