Budget Blinds of Independence is focused on helping clients enjoy their view affordably

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Perfecting the virtual consultation has changed how Matt and Maria operate Budget Blinds of Independence in a positive way. Matt can make a home visit for measurements or installation and Maria can be there virtually. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Mary Malik

There’s nothing like forced time spent at home to make us really see what needs to be done around the house. With summer travel plans cancelled, many of us are turning our attention inside our homes and making some changes.

“Customers are finding themselves with extra money they had planned to spend on vacations,” says Maria Boris, owner of Budget Blinds of Independence with her husband, Matt. “And spending months at home staring at tired window treatments has people ready for a change.”

Maria and Matt have been helping customers with window treatments and other home design elements for more than five years. Although they haven’t experienced anything like Covid-19, they are seeing the affect it’s having on home decorating.

“Instead of thinking about where they can go, customers are thinking about how they can improve their home,” says Matt. “We have some ideas about that.”

Matt and Maria are seeing increased interest in cordless and motorized window treatment options due to the touch-free, sanitary benefits.

The best thing about Budget Blinds is that Matt and Maria will work within your budget to make your home beautiful, something that’s more important than ever.

“We offer hands-free control of everything from window coverings and lighting to home security and all entertainment in the home,” says Matt. “There’s definitely more interest in making these technological additions to homes.”

Matt and Maria are also making changes in how they conduct their business due to the pandemic. For example, in-home consultations can now become virtual for much of the process.

“We don’t want to mislead people to think that everything can be done virtually because at some point we obviously need to be inside your home,” says Maria. “But much can be done virtually when consulting on style, fabric choices and colors. Design is my passion and helping people make the right choice for their home is where I shine.”

Matt and Maria made a pact when they started the business in 2014 that Maria would handle the design side of the business and Matt would cover ordering, measuring and installation.

“After my three-year tour of duty with the U.S. Army in Afghanistan, we heard about Budget Blinds and their partnership with the Troops in Transition program, which provides veterans the opportunity to own a franchise with a Veteran discount,” says Matt. “We knew this was the perfect business for us because it incorporated Maria’s love of design and my background in carpentry. We managed to stay in our own lanes until Covid-19 hit and then we got some big personal news.”

Perfecting the virtual consultation has changed how Matt and Maria operate in a positive way.

“Now Matt can make a home visit for measurements or installation and I can still be there virtually,” says Maria. “It cuts down on people in your home and, truth be told, Matt is learning much more about design and loving it.”

And Maria has one more very important reason for staying as virtual as possible. She’s soon expecting their first child.

“Going through this pregnancy and running our business through this pandemic has shown us just how important the comfort of home really is,” says Maria. “And the best thing about Budget Blinds is that we work within your budget to make your home beautiful. Now more than ever, we should all enjoy the safety, comfort and beauty of home.”

For more information and a free in-home consultation, call or text Matt and Maria at 216-503-0067. Check out the Budget Blinds of Independence Facebook page for more information, before and after photos and design ideas.