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Color trends for 2017

Benjamin Moore has dubbed “Shadow 2117-30” the color of the year. And in case you missed the 30-second video the company has produced, which highlights the mystery, elegance and soul-stirring feeling the new shade invokes, I’ll dispel some of the mystery right now and tell you BM describes Shadow as “allusive and enigmatic—a master...

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Make your garage the star of the show

Considering the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ inability to simply announce the correct Oscar winner for best picture last month, one shouldn’t be surprised that A Garage Stuck in the Past was curiously snubbed from nomination in the category of Best Silent Film. Perhaps the unfortunate story of the Smith couple’s battle...

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Why are baby teeth important?

When baby teeth first erupt between six months and a year, parents can expect their toddlers to have painful, swollen gums, sleepless nights and a crankier-than-usual disposition. In all, they’ll go through the process 20 times, or with each primary tooth, which should have appeared by age three. There are so many wives’ tales surrounding...

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Meet a ‘relaxation expert’

Hot tub therapy has given me my life back. As a fibromyalgia sufferer, I know how fatigue and muscle aches can sideline a life. My own health challenges—coupled with my studying the hot tub industry as a co-owner of our family-owned company for 36 years—have created a unique opportunity to share my knowledge and improve the quality of...

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Minkin's Music: Gotta Groove presses collectible vinyl

A large cluster of industrial buildings that still remain on Cleveland’s near east side were once home to iron foundries, motors, tube, metals and machine works. Named after the once thriving Tyler Elevator Company, the area now is the hub to a cluster of small businesses referred to as Tyler Village, located at East 36th Street and Superior...

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