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Maximum results in minimal time

Maximum Results in Minimal Time (Takes Only Minutes A Week)Most high-achieving executives understand quality trumps quantity. It’s true in the products and services they sell. It’s true in customer service and satisfaction. And it’s true for the quality of exercise and instruction one receives, asserts Jeff Tomaszewski, owner of and chief...

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Is your lighting from Mars?

Sometimes you need a little help from the experts. Choosing lighting for your home is one of those times. Whether you’re lighting a whole room, one small area, or an outdoor zone, choosing the proper lighting is essential to the style and function of the space. And choosing the experts at Mars Lighting Center in Mentor to help...

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Is your butt normal?

A patient returned to my office for a follow-up after a treatment session. “How are your hemorrhoids doing?” I asked. “Wow, it’s amazing!” she replied. “I didn’t realize just how annoying my hemorrhoids actually were. I was so used to putting up with them, I had forgotten what normal was like.” I hear this frequently from...

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Leaf-free gutters

For anyone who has ever stressed about the unknowns involved when working with service people on outdoor home maintenance projects, it’s time you got to know The Gutter Boys. Led by owners Ken Wilson and Anthony Alberino, for the past 16 years this family-owned and operated company has set the standard high in terms of honesty, transparency...

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Dental implants have health benefits

The ancient Mayans experimented with tooth replacement by using carved stones, seashells or bone fragments. Thankfully, the technology has come a long way since then. Dr. Nathaniel Taylor, founder of North Royalton Family Dental, has been offering this service since 2010, after completing implantology training in Chicago. We caught up...

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