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Dr. Danielle Shaper, of Finesse Footcare, can zap away the nail fungus with her Lunula laser

Summer is nearly here and it’s time to break out your flip-flops and sandals. But for those suffering from Onchomycosis (toenail fungus), having people see your feet is not an option. Those with the condition experience thickened and discolored nails with distorted shapes. Not only are they unsightly, but toenail fungus can also lead to...

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Residents at The Village of St. Edward in Wadsworth are enjoying in-person visits with loved ones again

The power of a hug is like a ripple on water—far-reaching, pervasive, profound. Studies show hugs can release stress-relieving feel-good hormones, lower blood pressure and heart rate, improve mood, increase energy and even strengthen the immune system. When the doors were reopened for personal visits at The Village of St. Edward in...

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Let Carl Lishing find out if changing your plan or enrolling in an ACA plan is right for you

The American Rescue Plan Act may help people obtain additional subsidies to help lower their health insurance premium costs. For about 80% of Americans, that means plans for $10 or less after subsidies will be possible. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, your application for coverage will need to be updated, anytime until Sunday,...

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What’s the Scoop? Frozen Treats is back for another spectacularly chilled season

What’s the Scoop? Frozen Treats is officially open for the season, with some cool changes, delicious new specialties and a mobile pickup window. “We decided to create the new window for our customers who like the convenience of not having to get out of their car,” says Maureen Crandall, who, along with her husband, Doug, owns the...

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Studio 3 Salon is introducing its new wig department to help others look their best

Mother’s Day is just a few weeks away. For those of us who celebrate our moms in spirit only, I want to share a sweet and inspirational story about the uplifting power of legacy and one mom’s enduring love. Local salon owner Rachelle Yarnell had been seeing Shannon Valenti and her mom Sherry as clients for years when she found out Sherry...

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