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As the sister of a dementia sufferer, Christine Dabramo decided to create the MindSet logo and t-shirt. Her mission is to foster compassion for those affected by the disease.




“I thought to myself that maybe if Gloria had the MindSet t-shirt on, people would be alerted to her dementia and not be annoyed by her behavior in public. Maybe they would recognize her invisible struggle and see my sister through a lens of compassion and patience.” —Christine Dabramo, founder of MindSet


Christine Dabramo is one of her sister’s caretakers. Since being diagnosed with frontal lobe dementia in 2009, Gloria Grant’s disease has caused significant deterioration. Although a presence in Hollywood for decades, today she is able to speak only a handful of words.

Over the past year, Christine has become increasingly frustrated by people’s reactions to Gloria's often-unorthodox behavior in public, finding herself apologizing and explaining. Instead of isolating herself and her sister from the world, Christine decided to do something.

She founded the MindSet organization and created its logo to raise awareness about dementia for the patient as well as the caretaker. She documents her experience of caring for a loved one with dementia, and the daily struggles they both face, in her blog.

Says Christine, “People need to get out; they need to enjoy a meal in a restaurant. And people who notice the logo on a t-shirt are definitely more aware and compassionate.”

She points out the MindSet logo represents the mountains or challenges that are climbed every day by both the person afflicted with dementia and his or her caregivers. Proceeds from the sale of the shirts will benefit the Alzheimer’s Association.

“With the rapid growth of this disease, more and more people, whether family or friends, will be touched at some point by dementia,” she says. “I just hope that one day everyone around the globe will recognize the MindSet logo and pause for a moment when they see it, knowing they are interacting with someone who has an illness that cannot be recognized by appearance alone.”

All t-shirts:

• Cost $22

• Are shipped for free

• Are pre-shrunk

• Come in white and purple

• Are made of 100% cotton

• Have hems and sleeves that are double stitched

• Feature the logo on the front and back

• Come in crew neck and V-neck styles


To purchase MindSet t-shirts online, visit MindSetDementia.com, where you can also read Christine’s heartwarming blogs about her and Gloria’s journey with dementia.

For more information, call 440-336 1802 or email Christine directly at mindsetdementia@gmail.com.