Corned Beef Café

9296 Broadview Road Broadview Heights, Ohio 44147

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Serving up over 300 pounds of homemade corned beef every week and offering one of the area's best breakfasts, the Corned Beef Café has become a top Northeast Ohio dining destination.

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View the Corned Beef Café's breakfast menu right here. Visit the website for the lunch and specials menus.


Monday-Saturday, 7 a.m.-2 p.m.
Sunday, 8 a.m.-1 p.m.


The Corned Beef Café is located at 9296 Broadview Road, just south of Route 82 in Broadview Heights.




"A lot of places feel the need to doctor their meat up, but we let our product stand on its own."
—Corned Beef Café owner Sue Gawkin

Corned Beef Connoisseurs
The Corned Beef Café sells about 300 pounds of corned beef every week. “There is a difference when it comes to corned beef. I don’t want to taste pickling spices in mine,” Sue says, wrinkling her nose at the notion of augmenting her phenomenally popular six-inch stacked sandwich.

A Breakfast Destination
On the weekend, Sue will crack about 1,000 eggs for her homemade breakfasts. Even the omelets are made with cracked eggs—instead of the poured stuff—and she separates the yolks for the egg white omelets herself.

The most popular breakfast item, she says, is the Café Breakfast—three eggs, home fries, your choice of meat, toast and jelly, all made to order.

In the Kitchen With Sue
Sue does most of the cooking in the café’s open kitchen and whips up crowd pleasers like homemade potato salad with crisp celery and onions, creamy mayonnaise, and a blend of special seasonings that she refuses to divulge. She also makes some of the best soup in the state, with her Reuben soup on the menu every day and chicken soup available on Wednesdays, something Sue describes as a cult classic.

“People just like my cooking,” she says simply when asked how her Corned Beef Café, with its no-frills décor and straightforward menu, regularly plays to a packed house.

There is a casualness infused in the atmosphere of the restaurant and the attitudes of the staff members. Stop in for a simple cup of coffee and you’re treated with as much deference as if you were ordering one of everything off a menu that boasts a wide variety of choices—all priced affordably.

“We bake our own turkey and roast beef, and our corned beef is cooked daily,” she says. “I boil my own chickens and roast my own beef bones for the soups. We pay a lot of attention to the details.”

Eat-In or Order To Go
Weekdays start for Sue and her team at 7 a.m. Regulars are often waiting outside for her to open the doors. Some phone their breakfast sandwich orders in in advance so they can swing by and grab them to go. Breakfast is one of the most popular menu choices and it can be ordered any time of the day.

Everything is available to go.

The Corned Beef Café is located at 9296 Broadview Road, just south of the Broadview Road and Route 82 corners Hours are Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m.-2 p.m., and Sunday, 8 a.m.-1 p.m. The phone number is 440-526-3856 and the website is