The wrong side of the screen: Don’t plug that hole!

by on 10/17/2014 - 03:49 pm

Category: Home

By Gary Jones, Ideal Pest Control


Every year, we get calls from frantic homeowners declaring, “I had some bees drilling into the side of my house, so I sprayed them and then sealed up the hole. I thought that would take care of them. Now, I’ve got a thousand bees in my bedroom and part of my ceiling is on the floor. I didn’t know bees could eat through drywall!”


If you see bees, wasps, or yellow jackets going into a small hole in the side of your house, or under the eaves, etc., but you cannot see the hive or nest, do not seal up the hole. These insects will find a way out, including chewing through your drywall and escaping into your home.


The drywall in your home is easy for them to chew through. By plugging up their exterior exit, you force them to look for another way to escape. That usually means chewing their way inside your home...and that puts you on the outside.


Although we don’t recommend it, there may be times when you can take care of a yellow jacket nest yourself. However, if the nest is in a wall, the ground, or somewhere else where it is not visible, let us deal with it. Wherever the nest is located, we suit up, inject the nest to kill it, and if possible, remove the nest. We guarantee the elimination of the nest and will do a follow up treatment, if needed, to finish it off without extra charge.


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