The wrong side of the screen: Carpenter ants

by on 05/09/2014 - 03:44 pm

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By Gary Jones, Ideal Pest Control


Here are answers to a few of the most common questions we hear from customers regarding carpenter ants:


“I see carpenter ants in my house for a couple of weeks each spring, then they seem to disappear. Should I be concerned?”

You’ll see carpenter ants in the early spring because the temperature inside your house is more to their liking. Soon, as temperatures start to rise, they will begin foraging outdoors. Many early calls for carpenter ant activity are a sure sign the nest is indoors, as they are less likely to be foraging in and out that early in the year. But don’t wait to call us. A carpenter nest can be easier to locate at this time, as their metabolism has not peaked yet and they are usually found not far from the nest location. 


“If I only see carpenter ants crawling around outside should I be concerned?”

This speaks to the idea, “If I do not see them, I do not have them.” However, when homeowners replace decks, windows, etc., they often discover a new, unsuspected, and unwelcomed problem—a carpenter ant infestation—yet they never saw an ant inside. An inspection can help you with this question, give you peace of mind, and potentially save you thousands of dollars in repairs.


“Don’t carpenter ants hibernate in the winter?”

The carpenter ant metabolism does slow down in winter, but their bodies produce glycerol, which acts as an antifreeze to protect them throughout the cold months. Contrary to public perception, entire colonies live outdoors, surviving and growing year after year. And given the right conditions (e.g., warmth of a fireplace or a nest located in a ceiling void), carpenter ants can be evident inside throughout the year. Over the course of just two to three years, 15 to 20 carpenter ants can become thousands. Waiting will only cause more damage, more frustration, and costs you more money. 


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