The benefits of a touchless auto wash

by on 10/12/2015 - 03:41 pm

Category: Smart Living

By Kurt Loos

Montrose Laserwash


When you wash your vehicle, you want to make sure you don’t negate the benefits of having a sparkling clean exterior by scratching your paint with the very same brushes or cloth strips that are used to clean it. With the advent of touchless, open-bay, automatic wash systems, which use high-pressure nozzles to apply cleaning solutions, wax and rinse water, you don’t have to worry about surface damage to your vehicle.

While avoiding scratches is the most obvious benefit of touchless auto washes, there are many other benefits over friction-style auto washes or washing by hand at home.


Gets you in and out—fast. Using high-pressure water and premium cleaning solutions, a laser wash can wash your vehicle thoroughly in just four minutes—making it very time efficient.


As squeaky clean as it gets. Brushes and cloth strips trap dirt and get grimier with each vehicle that passes through, so the chance to get residual dirt on your automobile is high. And unless you use a new brush or sponge at home every time you wash your vehicle, you also pass along dirt. With a touchless auto wash, nothing passes along residual dirt.


Better adjusts to the contours of your vehicle. Sensors located in the equipment allow for adjustments to each vehicle’s size and shape to optimize washing efficiency—and reach hard-to-get to places such as the backs of side mirrors, fender wells and the undercarriage.


Minimizes water consumption. Laser wash systems are designed to minimize water usage using the latest technology on the market.


Better for the environment. Using a professional auto wash can minimize environmental pollution because when washing your vehicle at home in the driveway, the soap and wastewater flows into nearby storm drains and can end up in our lakes and rivers.


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