The benefits of keeping seniors activ...

by on 08/22/2017 - 12:13 pm
Category: Smart Living

By Jeff Risner, Renaissance of Richfield/Bath
A river of responsibilities flows from the social activities that sustain and propel our lives. In the rush of life, we get caught up in our responsibilities to our children, spouses and co-workers. Yet many of those same responsibilities, the mainstays of aging parents or loved ones lives, have fallen away—kids grow up, spouses pass away and retirement cuts off relationships with co-workers.
As we age, it’s inevitable that we’ll start to drift toward social isolation. Caring for aging parents or loves ones bestows a reciprocal responsibility to enrich their lives by encouraging social activities.
Enco ...

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Can kitchen cabinets be upcycled?

by on 08/22/2017 - 11:35 am
Category: Home

By Scott Herceg, Kitchen Design Center
It seems like everywhere you look, you see repurposed, upcycled items for the home. Not only are these items staying out of the landfill, but, given new life, they are authentically stylish.
From old spoons hung on a chandelier to add a whimsical touch to your lighting to and an old sink filled with herbs outside your kitchen window, the latest in kitchen décor is giving the saying “something old is something new” a new meaning.
And to make the biggest impact, resurfacing your kitchen cabinets will not only give them a brand-new lease on life, but it is an easy way to achieve your dream kitchen on a budget. ...

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How to keep summer skin looking fabulous

by on 07/26/2017 - 12:43 pm
Category: Health & Beauty

By Laura Spencer-Aesthetic Specialist, Skin Care Solutions
There are a number of ways to keep your skin looking healthy—and young—during the summer months without having to sit the season out.
For the latest in anti-aging, balancing, hydrating and illuminating technologies, I recommend the Image Skin Care line. Image is distinct in that its products include pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and pure essential oils. Many feature sun protection of SPF 30 or higher, perfect for achieving glowing skin that’s also shielded from the sun’s damaging rays. 
Obagi is another popular line, and you’ll find it at Skin Care Solutions. Obagi&rsqu ...

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How to show your Northeast Ohio schoo...

by on 07/14/2017 - 10:54 am
Categories: Community, Smart Living

By Sue Walick, Strongsville Spirit Shop
Proudly displaying your school’s colors and logo is a fun and easy way for students—and their parents—to build excitement, create fond memories and bond with classmates throughout the year. You can show your school spirit by sporting attractive school apparel, like sweats, tee shirts, hoodies, caps and letterman jackets.
When you shop for your school apparel and gift items, be sure to select quality merchandise from a reliable and reputable vendor. Personalized clothing and novelty items make fun gifts, but be sure embroidery and printing is meticulously crafted so that your items will look new, vibrant and display y ...

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