Small business health insurance

by on 08/24/2017 - 04:14 pm
Category: Smart Living

By Roni Bell, HealthMarkets Insurance Agency
Every day, people visit our office in search of better health care coverage. For business owners, we can review your company’s health insurance standing and determine if there are better options to offer your employees. 
The truth is, many people consider the quality of the health care coverage offered by a prospective employer before taking a new job. Others may leave a job they love because the benefits just aren’t cutting it. That’s why staying competitive in the area of health care benefits is key. The problem is, most employers don’t have the time to research plans and weigh the options. Tha ...

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Does sleep come easy?

by on 08/24/2017 - 01:31 pm
Category: Health & Beauty

By Mike Ventresca, Vital Choice Healthstore
An increasing body of research is pointing to the enormous value of sleep. For example, a recently published study in the journal Neurology showed there may be a link between poor sleep and signs of Alzheimer’s disease.
Researchers believe adequate sleep is needed to perform critical detoxification processes where neurotoxins are essentially washed from the brain. A build-up of these toxins is strongly associated with Alzheimer’s. It’s also been shown the effects of poor sleep go beyond cognitive health. 
A study from the University of Chicago Medical Center found that after restricting sleep to fou ...

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Popping a roid

by on 08/24/2017 - 12:22 pm
Category: Health & Beauty

By Dr. David Gutman, Advanced Hemorrhoid Specialists´╗┐
What do power lifters and a pregnant women have in common? They both tend to suffer from hemorrhoids.
But hemorrhoids can happen to just about anyone. They can happen to teenagers and they can happen to golden agers. So how and why do they happen?
There are several factors that may cause hemorrhoids to “pop” out. Most importantly is putting too much stress or pressure on the abdominal muscles. When you do that, it causes the hemorrhoid tissue up inside your rectum to inflate like a balloon. If it over-inflates from too much pressure, the internal hemorrhoid tissue may protrude externally.
An ...

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An extra-strength boost

by on 08/24/2017 - 11:28 am
Category: Smart Living

By Seth Zaremba, Zinc Insurance
Most people feel like they pay into their homeowner’s insurance without getting much out of it. While it’s ideal for providing the security of protection and peace of mind in general, on a day-to-day basis it doesn’t appear to have much practical value.
But for about $25 per year, there is a little-known power shot called Equipment Breakdown Coverage that can be added to your existing homeowner’s insurance policy. It covers all of the big stuff in your house: refrigerator, stove, washer and dryer, water heater, furnace, air conditioning unit, expensive flat screen TV, water pump and more. If one of those big items brea ...

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