How to take control of your immune system

by on 10/15/2014 - 11:50 am

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By Kelli Comer


With fall upon us here in Northeast Ohio, the leaves are turning to their vibrant autumn shades. This shift in the weather also signals a change in your body. Thus begins the battle with your immune system. Jim Wissing, owner of Athletes 4 Life, has the natural solution you never knew you were searching for.


You can feel better in as little as a few minutes with Jim’s Master Your Immune System class. The one-hour class teaches you a ten-minute routine that will stimulate your immune system, allowing you to take control of your health. “Your body is the best natural medicine, and it is time for you to take control,” explains Jim.


Based off of medical science, the Master Your Immune System routine combines yoga poses with massage-assisted breathing techniques.


For the first five minutes of the routine, you will perform four yoga poses that force lymph out of your lymph nodes and into the lymph vessels. One minute of powerful assisted breathing techniques will follow, allowing the lymph to be drawn into your blood. Finally, you will enter four minutes of relaxing meditation to calm your mind and build self-confidence and self-esteem.


This natural preventative measure for combating illness will allow you to fend off ailments before they take over your immune system, and it will also teach you how to relax. The Master Your Immune System class is a perfect way to take control of your mind, body, and overall health, as well as teach you how to relax and enjoy yourself over the holiday season.



Athletes 4 Life is located at Jefferson Park Executive Suites, at 7050 Engle Rd., Suite 106 in Middleburg Heights. You can reach the staff of Athletes 4 Life to schedule your appointment, at 440-584-0248, or you can book your appointment online at