How to hire a contractor

by on 10/30/2013 - 04:03 pm

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By Brent Moore, Moore Home Remodeling


Q: How do I know if the contractor I’ve chosen is really as good as he says he is? —Tijana Z., Avon Lake 


A: There is no “one” factor to consider when hiring a contractor.  


For example, both start time and job duration may have importance to you but should by no means be your only determining factor. A contractor with an excellent reputation is probably in higher demand and most likely isn’t sitting around waiting for the next job. That’s one indicator that he’s a good contractor.


Costs are important to everyone. An experienced contractor who believes in good customer service will not be interested in lowballing a job to win work. Look for someone who is upfront about the fact that without a firm plan and design in place, any estimate for a project like an entirely new custom kitchen is really just a ballpark number. It has happened on occasion that I was the second contractor hired. The first one undercut my bid and then could not complete the job. A project quickly loses the “fun” factor when time and investment dollars are lost to inexperience and poor planning.


You do need to be able to communicate regularly with the person in charge of completing your more involved projects, and we all have different communication styles. The design phase is a great place to discover and build compatible communication and working styles. Look for enthusiasm and a willingness to advise and consult. Look for someone who is open to discussing the elements of the job that may risk selling the job. If they haven’t already told you something you didn’t really want to hear, ask them to clue you in on possible challenges with the project. I would also say that the Internet is a great resource.


Moore Home Remodeling has been fortunate to receive many reports and recommendations from some of our clients who have been willing to share their experiences with others. If you can’t find this information online, ask for references.


And don’t forget about the basics. Know that the contractor you hire can and will pull permits to complete the job in your city.


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