Health and Healing: Natural support for blood pressure

by on 08/20/2010 - 01:45 pm

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by Mike Ventresca

Have you ever pinched a garden hose that’s running full blast? If you have then you surely know how much the pressure in the hose can increase. Now picture this happening inside your blood vessels and you have an idea of one of the causes of high blood pressure, except instead of a finger increasing constriction and fluid volume, it’s an enzyme produced by the kidneys called angiotensin II.

With this in mind, I’m often asked if there are any research-validated natural options for supporting healthy blood pressure and I’m happy to say there are. According to published research, fermented milk peptides (proteins) work in much the same way as traditional ACE inhibitors by reducing angiotensin II. These studies show fermented milk peptides can reduce blood pressure by relaxing arterial walls and reducing fluid volume. To return to our analogy, it’s like releasing your finger from the hose—the pressure normalizes to a more healthy level.

In addition to peptides, researchers from the University of California, Davis, examined a unique grape extract and found that after only four weeks of taking it, participants experienced a 13-point drop in systolic pressure and a six-point drop in diastolic. While these results may seem modest, studies show that a mere three- point reduction in systolic pressure cuts stroke risk by 10-13% and the chances of having a heart attack by 7%.

I know of only one formula that combines fermented milk peptides with the same grape extract used in the studies. It’s called Blood Pressure Take CareTM from New Chapter.

I like BP Take Care because it provides clinically studied nutrients in a one-a- day dose. Please note, while BP Take Care appears to be safe when taken in combination with common blood pressure drugs, it’s always best to discuss this with your doctor.

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