Eek! There’s mouse in the house

by on 11/05/2013 - 01:33 pm

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By Gary Jones, Ideal Pest Control


With the arrival of fall and cooler temperatures, mice and other rodents are searching for a warm, dry space and a little something to eat and drink. That means they work their way indoors through small cracks, crevices, and holes in our homes.


More than the “Eek!” factor and the fear of having a little rodent scamper up your pant leg, having a mouse in the house is a health threat to you and your family. They are in places where you may not even know you have a problem—in your cabinets, on kitchen countertops, hiding behind appliances, or even in the silverware drawer. 


The common signs of a rodent problem are the “calling cards” they leave behind under cabinets and in the silverware drawer (these resemble tiny seeds only they, uh, aren’t seeds) or the sounds of bowling going on in the attic inevitably right above your bed at three o’clock in the morning.


Unfortunately, if you see or hear these signs, you usually don’t have one rodent; you can bet there are more. Mice will move into an area where they can get moisture and easy access to food. Food doesn’t have to be in the pantry. It can be dead insects in the attic or birdseed in the garage. Many people learn they have mice when they get the Christmas decorations out of the attic and find the berries are all missing from their wreaths.


At Ideal Pest Control, we control the rodent problem using child-safe, tamper-proof bait stations and a variety of traps, if necessary. We also can do a full home inspection to find and seal the entry points. 


If you see evidence of rodents in or around your home, you need to act now, before it turns into a bigger problem. Let our individual rodent treatment handle your rodent infestation right now. It comes with a six-month warranty. If there is a problem (or a mouse) we’re going to come back and deal with it at no charge.


Or you can get our Full-Year/365 Protection Plan for $420 for year-round protection against all rodents, flying insects, and creepy crawlers that want to camp in with you for the winter. New clients can save $25 on their first 365 Protection Plan. Many other service options are available to fit your budget.


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