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Caring for my sister with dementia

by on 11/19/2015 - 03:57 pm
Categories: Arts & Entertainment, Community, Health & Beauty, Home, Smart Living

By Christine Dabramo
Founder of MindSet
My brother and I care for our sister—Gloria Grant—who has suffered from frontal lobe dementia since 2009. Only in her early 60s, the sister I always looked up to growing up, who went to Hollywood and made a name for herself in television and movies, has deteriorated to the point that she can only speak a few words. 
To raise awareness about dementia, and let others out there know they are not alone, I’ve been writing about our journey together, the ups and downs, and the why’s (why her and why me) that come along with this devastating disease. This is our story, but we’d like to hear yours, too. Share with ...

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The fresh flavors of pesto

by on 10/20/2015 - 11:06 am
Category: Food

By Shana Trepal, Treehugger's Café 
With our gardens in full bloom, it's hard for a chef to decide what to serve. I often choose pesto. Rarely a day goes by that I am not making a variation of this elegant sauce. It adds pizzazz to soups, meatballs, veggie burgers, pasta, rice bowls, and, of course, wraps and sandwiches.
At Treehugger's Café, we make three varieties daily, using all whole, fresh ingredients. Traditionally a pesto will involve some type of seed or nut, your favorite oil, (preferably walnut, or extra virgin olive oil) as they solidify and make a lovely spread. Allergies are a concern for us at our restaurants so we use sunflower seeds in ou ...

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Raising chickens 101

by on 09/29/2015 - 02:16 pm
Categories: Community, Home, Smart Living

By Lisa Samples
Owner, Cedar Crest Farm & Feed
Having grown up surrounded by farms, I know first-hand what a deeply satisfying way of life raising chicken flocks can be. A rich life not bought but created and re-created on a daily basis. 
So when my husband and I bought a farm in Kirtland Hills, building it into a chicken farm and feed store, was a dream come true for me, I took my first-hand knowledge to the next level, traveling the country to further study poultry management.
Today I’m on a mission to spread this way of life to people in Ohio and beyond. On the farm, as a boutique breeder, we start out the spring with about 500 rare and heritage ...

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Understanding the six types of horse ...

by on 09/21/2015 - 09:13 am
Categories: Home, Smart Living

By Tiffany Maat
Owner, Valley Tack Shop
Riding a horse is a family activity for some, a competitive sport for many, and a way of life for others. Whether you’re an experienced rider or are longing to get back on the horse again, one of the most important aspects of successful and safe riding is choosing the right saddle.
General-purpose saddles allow a rider to change the position of a saddle by adjusting the straps and stirrup leathers. Whether for dressage, cross-country or pleasure riding, an all-purpose saddle can suit all of a rider’s needs with just a few minor adjustments.
Dressage is a competitive equestrian sport requiring horse and rider to perform several ...

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Which shoe style fits my foot…and my ...

by on 09/21/2015 - 09:02 am
Categories: Community, Health & Beauty, Smart Living

By John Luck
Owner, Lucky Shoes
The idea that we have to sacrifice fit and function in the name of fashion no longer has a place in the world of shoes. Instead of representing the old-lady orthos of days passed, today’s comfort styles blend the three Fs with stylish ease.
So how can you find a shoe that fits, functions like you need it to, and knocks the socks off your fashion-forward fan base?
1)   Measure
Most foot specialists, including those of us here at Lucky Shoes, rank foot measurement at the top of the list. You may have been an eight narrow before you had kids, but chances are good your foot has changed right along with the size of your family. Better s ...

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How to prevent weather-related migraines

by on 09/17/2015 - 02:17 pm
Categories: Health & Beauty, Home, Smart Living

By Jim Wissing
Owner, Athletes 4 Life
The transition from sweltering summer temperatures to crisp fall air harkens a season filled with football games, hay rides and all things pumpkin. But for migraine sufferers, the march to winter may bring on pounding headaches that are sometimes accompanied by eye pain, nausea, vomiting, light sensitivity or auras (seeing flashing lights or zigzag patterns).
Extreme changes in temperature, barometric pressure and humidity can trigger migraines. So can thunderstorms, wind and intense sunlight—especially when sun glare reflects off snow.
But there are ways to stave off a migraine, whether it is weather related or not. The ...

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How to deal with loss and recover fro...

by on 09/17/2015 - 02:49 pm
Categories: Community, Smart Living

By Chris Batman, administrative assistant
The Church at Stony Hill
We are a society that excels when it comes to acquiring things, but we often lack the ability to let things go.
The art of dealing with loss—whether it’s death, divorce or other major loss—is a necessary skill that stops grief from negatively impacting every aspect of our lives: our health, finances, relationships and more. 
Research demonstrates that incomplete recovery from grief can have a lifelong negative effect on a person’s capacity for happiness. If you are finding yourself feeling sad, angry, afraid, lonely or guilty, it may have a root cause in a past gri ...

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How to preserve, and strengthen, toot...

by on 09/17/2015 - 02:46 pm
Categories: Health & Beauty, Smart Living

By Dr. Mario Pavicic
Five Points Dentistry
Considered the hardest substance in the human body, tooth enamel is the outer layer of the tooth that protects against tooth decay and damage from chewing, biting and grinding. It also insulates the teeth so you don’t feel discomfort when you eat or drink something hot or cold.
Unlike a bone that can be repaired by the body if it breaks, enamel has no living cells. Your body cannot repair chipped or cracked enamel. Even though it is an extremely hard substance, it can erode when acids wear away the enamel on teeth from drinking too many soft drinks and fruit drinks or having a diet high in sugar and starches. Patients who su ...

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Transform your kitchen for half the p...

by on 09/17/2015 - 02:43 pm
Categories: Home, Smart Living

By Scott Herceg
Owner, Kitchen Design Center
You say you want new, beautiful kitchen or bathroom cabinets, but the price tag is bigger than your budget? Think you’re out of luck?
Think again.
Adjust your concept of “new” and consider a “new-to-you” option, also known as resurfacing what you already have. Is modifying your project in this way worth the pain and price? Resoundingly, yes.
First of all, ripping out cabinets changes your life in ways you never dreamed of and quickly becomes a temporary nightmare. The process shuts down your kitchen, not to mention displaces every single item in your cabinet space. When it comes to ...

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Six reasons to love soup season

by on 09/17/2015 - 02:33 pm
Categories: Community, Food

By Chef Louis Prpich
Owner, Chowder House Café
Even though we are sad to see summer go, autumn brings a lot to look forward to: football, fall foliage and soup season!
There’s nothing more comforting on a cold day than a big bowl of homemade soup. With cool weather fast approaching, more soups are cropping up on restaurant menus—and for good reason.
Your mother was right. Eating soups has health benefits. It’s not only from the vegetables and protein, but also from the stock or broth, which contains minerals from the bones and cartilage used to make the base.
Loading up on veggies. Many of us don’t eat the recommended daily amount o ...

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