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Do You Remember 1975?

by on 04/12/2013 - 04:13 pm
Category: Smart Living

By Michael Brady
Anyone over the age of say 48 ought to remember 1975. “Saturday Night Live” premiered on television. Paul Simon’s “Still Crazy After All These Years” was album of the year, and who could forget mood rings, Rubik’s cubes, pet rocks, hip-huggers, bellbottoms and leisure suits.
The Apollo and Soyuz spacecraft took off for a U.S.-Soviet link-up in space on July 15, 1975, and the U.S. Postal Service commemorated the event with a first class stamp depicting the event. That first class stamp cost 10 cents. A first class postage stamp now costs 46 cents. This is a 460% increase in the cost of first class postage and a handy way t ...

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Rescue Tales! from One Dog at a Time ...

by on 03/21/2013 - 10:33 am
Category: Home

By Karin Shulin
Just one day before he was to be put to sleep, Jake was pulled from a high-kill shelter near Tiffin, Ohio.
At only 16 months old, he is too young not to live a full life. Jake is neutered and completely vetted with all of his shots. He has been professionally trained and has excelled in his basic obedience classes.
Jake is a hound mix of some sort with short hair, making his maintenance easy. He loves everyone, including other dogs. That leads us to believe he would do best in a family home. He will thank you by being an excellent watchdog. Once in a while, he lets out a big old howl.
Jake is house and crate trained. He’s approximatel ...

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Rescue Tales! from One of a Kind Pet ...

by on 03/21/2013 - 10:42 am
Category: Home

By Georjette Thomas
Many of us have an admiration for older items. A piece of vintage furniture, a mature bottle of wine, or a specially aged cheese might count among the many things that we appreciate. The history of an older item is often its appeal and increases its worth.
It is hard to fathom why an older dog would be less treasured, and more discarded, than some of the items we covet.
Might he have been replaced by a younger, cuter version of himself? Outliving his usefulness, did he no longer have the stamina to keep up with the pace of the household? Or, did he require more “pet parenting” in his aging state than one would want to do?
Wh ...

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Minkin Music: Holly Williams 'The Hig...

by on 03/21/2013 - 10:28 am
Category: Arts & Entertainment

By Jay Minkin
Holly Williams says she just writes songs. But as the owner of a Nashville clothing boutique and writer of a fashion blog that includes food and travel tips, this girl could be the poster child for Mimi. She found time to record her third album, The Highway, and it’s so good that her musical career is about to return to the forefront.
Raised in Nashville, Williams comes from the heritage of the legendary Hank Williams. She is the daughter of Becky and Hank Williams, Jr., who were married for 10 years and separated when Holly was young. She is also the half-sister of Hank Williams, III. She never tried to ride the coattails of the family laurels and worke ...

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Green Coffee Bean and Weight Loss

by on 03/20/2013 - 03:56 pm
Category: Health & Beauty

By Mike Ventresca
Vital Choice Healthstore
It seems every other day experts like Dr. Oz are revealing yet another weight loss product that is better than the last. The fact is, there is no miracle pill. What we do have are tools in a weight loss toolbox each with a specific function. The real key is understanding what your weight loss obstacle is and then finding the right tool for the job.
For many, controlling blood sugar spikes is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. One supplement that has been clinically shown to do just that is green coffee bean extract.
Coffee beans contain a compound called chlorogenic acid that has been shown to have a profound ...

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Patients Love the Family Feel

by on 03/20/2013 - 03:25 pm
Category: Health & Beauty

By Drs. Vienna & Bizga
Vienna Dental Group
At Vienna Dental Group, we strive to help patients improve their oral health and enhance their beautiful smiles. And when patients take the time to tell us how we have positively affected their lives, it is the most rewarding aspect of our jobs. Here we share with Mimi readers comments from Jeff and Debbie:
“When our dentist retired, my wife and I were looking for a new one. My wife had put off making a dental appointment because she had anxiety when going to the dentist and was somewhat embarrassed to address it. We decided to go in and at least meet Dr. Vienna to discuss my wife’s apprehension. Dr. Vienna sat dow ...

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Hemorrhoids: Is surgery the only option?

by on 03/20/2013 - 01:02 pm
Category: Health & Beauty

by David Gutman, MDQ: I suffer from hemorrhoids but am afraid to have surgery because I’ve heard it’s terribly painful. Is there another option?—Bonnie L., FairlawnYou are correct. Hemorrhoid surgery is one of the most painful surgeries a person can endure. I’ve had patients who’ve undergone the procedure tell me they’d rather repeat their bypass surgeries before they’d ever be willing to suffer through a hemorrhoid surgery and recovery again. There also are a number of complications associated with hemorrhoid surgery, such as damage to the sphincter muscle and scarring, and the recovery time can take up to six weeks or more. Plus, hemorrhoid surger ...

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Tips for First-Time Buyers

by on 03/20/2013 - 11:51 am
Categories: Home, Smart Living

By Matt Lasher
Matt Lasher, Realtor and owner of High Point Real Estate Group, shares his tips and tricks for first time homebuyers and those of us who need a quick real estate refresher:
I found a house I really like, what should my first step be? First, find yourself a buyer’s agent to show you the home—don’t call the name on the sign. In real estate there are two types of agents: listing agents and buyer’s agents. As the names imply, they represent the two sides of the transaction. When you call the name on the sign, you essentially waive your rights to representation. Instead, find an agent who will be able to work with you throughout the buying process ...

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Freon Prices May Affect You

by on 03/19/2013 - 05:01 pm
Category: Home

By Andy Pech
The air conditioning system in your home or business uses a chemical that is commonly referred to as “freon.” A more appropriate term for this chemical is “refrigerant.”
In simple terms, the refrigerant circulates through piping in the system and cools the air in the space. If your air conditioning system was manufactured prior to 2011, it more than likely uses a type of refrigerant known as R-22.
Last year the price of R-22 refrigerant skyrocketed, and this year it appears that prices are going to climb even higher.
The United States EPA controls the production and import of R-22 refrigerant and has again imposed stro ...

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As Seen on TV? Not Likely

by on 03/19/2013 - 04:01 pm
Categories: Home, Smart Living

By Brent Moore
Q: I recently called several contractors for kitchen remodeling estimates and, wow, was I shocked. How can the costs be so high when I see new kitchens installed for way less on television home improvement shows?—Sandie N., Bay Village
A: That’s an excellent question and one that we get a lot. I recently saw a show that listed the cost for granite at $500. As much as I wish that were possible, it just isn’t. I think there was a zero missing. Granite is a high-end item, but keep in mind that what you see on TV is often for ratings and entertainment value and is not based on reality.
Additionally, the designers on TV might be getting ...

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