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Nikki vs. Chicken: Round 2

by on 01/06/2012 - 03:18 pm
Category: Food

By Nikki Greco
Anybody who remembers my first blog of the Fresh Fork season knows I have a hard time cooking whole chickens.  In fact, I made my husband cook the first two chickens we received.  When I found out we were getting pasture-raised chickens again this week I decided it was time to step up to the plate and cook one for myself.
This week was a busy one for my husband, and I knew he wouldn’t be home for dinner Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, so here’s how I saw my week going:  Monday- I was going to make an amazing roast chicken dinner with a berry pie for dessert that would be so impressive that none of Nick’s dinners out could compare.

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Minkin's Music: Snap up tickets for F...

by on 09/30/2011 - 02:36 pm
Category: Arts & Entertainment

By Jay Minkin9/22/11It's been a good year so far, as many of my favorite record releases have coincided with a band tour to our area, including Over The Rhine, John Langford, and The Decemberists. But the big showof the year could be when Fleet Foxes plays Cleveland’s Masonic Auditorium on Wednesday, September 28. Touring behind their second full length record, this is the one I’ve been waiting for since purchasing the band’s self-titled debut at Amoeba Records in San Francisco. (Yes, I go to great lengths to get my music.)School chums Skyler Skjelset and Robin Pecknold formed the band in Seattle and started receiving some love playing around town. As time went on, lead sin ...

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Making the most of my food.

by on 09/23/2011 - 02:38 pm
Category: Food

by Nikki Greco
This week I was very practical in my cooking.  I tried to use just what I had in my kitchen and not buy anything extra.  I think I did a pretty good job.
Due to a slight miscalculation in grocery buying we had four-dozen Fresh Fork eggs in our refrigerator, so the first goal I had was using up some of that surplus.  A frittata sounded like the perfect solution.  I had a pound of bacon and thought spinach would complement that well.  In my head it was going to be such an easy dinner since the spinach was already cooked and just needed to be defrosted and everything else could be cooked in one pan.  Unfortunately, my spinach plan fell thr ...

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Cooking Like Crazy!

by on 09/16/2011 - 02:35 pm
Category: Food

By Nikki Greco
I have been on a cooking roll this week!  I really stretched my Fresh Fork bag into a lot of great dishes and was fortunate enough to be able to share some of my dinners with my wonderful in-laws who came to visit.
My Fresh Fork bag contained 1 lb pumpkin sage linguini, 2 eggplants, 2 red peppers, 2 butternut squash, 1 ½ lbs heirloom tomatoes, 1 lb green beans, ¼ peck of Gala apples, 1 head of lettuce and a spaghetti squash.  In addition, my husband bought a few other groceries including pork chops when he picked up the bag.  I love that they have extra products available!
This past weekend Nick and I had to run a lot of errands and get ...

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Burger Bar Gets Thumbs Up!

by on 09/11/2011 - 02:31 pm
Categories: Community, Food

by Cyndi Kellem
Our family is always on the lookout for new places to eat. As we do not dine out often, we really like for it to be worthwhile when we do. We are always looking for something original, relatively inexpensive, and a decent place to take our six-year-old girls. 
When I read about Inferno Gourmet Burger Bar opening in Medina, by the owner of Romeo's Pizza, I was intrigued.  It sounded fun to "build my own burger" and my children, historically picky eaters but recent huge fans of Man Vs. Food on the Travel Channel, have been on a roll experimenting with new foods. (Thank you Adam Richman!) 
So after running errands in Medina on Saturday, we decided to g ...

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Mom, Dad, please move in!

by on 09/09/2011 - 01:45 pm
Category: Food

by Nikki Greco
Last weekend my parents came to visit, well they actually came to work because my husband and I attended one of our very dear friend’s wedding out of town, so my parents came to watch our son and dogs.  I also convinced them to pick up my Fresh Fork bag in exchange for being able to use and eat anything they wanted while they were here.
Here is what was in the Fresh Fork bag this week: 6 ears of sweet corn, 3 lbs of Yukon gold potatoes, 1 lb grass fed beef, 2 green bell peppers, 1 lb green beans, 1.5 lb peaches, 2 cucumbers, 2 yellow summer squash, a bunch of kale, and 1 pint cherry tomatoes.
My parents are great cooks, but I was still amazed at what they ...

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Cold season struck early!

by on 09/02/2011 - 01:36 pm
Category: Food

By Nikki Greco
I thought cold and flu season wasn’t supposed to start for another month or two, but everybody in my household has been under the weather this week with bad colds.  Not only did I not really feel like hanging out in the kitchen preparing delicious meals, nobody wanted to eat them this week.  When my husband gets sick he loses his appetite and only wants liquids.  My son only wanted cold smoothies (thankfully I had some of the organic yogurt leftover from the previous week) and for some reason I really like blueberry pancakes when I’m under the weather.  All in all, my kitchen has seen little action this week.
I did host a Fantasy Footb ...

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