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A Great Class Experience!

by on 05/23/2011 - 11:55 am
Categories: Arts & Entertainment, Community

By Cyndi Kellem
My twin daughters have taken many "enrichment classes" over their 6-year lifespan so far, some good, some bad.  For example, swim lessons at the Medina Rec Center went great.  Dance lessons, well, let's just say, not so wonderful.
Looking back I feel our experience was disappointing because of the particular teacher we had, who’s studio coincidentally closed.  So, when a friend of mine, Adrianna Hartmann, mother of three girls, told me about her daughters great experiences at their dance and music class, I wanted to share her story with other families.
Here is what she told me:
“Last fall, I started taking my then 19-month-old t ...

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Buying Local: Introduction to Fresher...

by on 05/04/2011 - 09:57 pm
Categories: Community, Food

By Nikki Greco
I love Ohio and I love Cleveland. Oh, sure, I indulge in the occasional self- deprecating humor about the weather here...or the sports...or the potholes, but in general I think Cleveland, Ohio is a great place to live. I recently learned that Ohio has just under 14 million acres of farmland. Wow! That is something to be proud of. Yet, when I buy my groceries, most of my food makes quite the journey before ending up in my cart.
While previously I had been only moderately interested in the “buying local” movement that’s been gaining strength over the past few years, I am now feeding a family and am truly beginning to understand the importance o ...

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