How to show your Northeast Ohio schoo...

by on 07/14/2017 - 10:54 am
Categories: Community, Smart Living

By Sue Walick, Strongsville Spirit Shop
Proudly displaying your school’s colors and logo is a fun and easy way for students—and their parents—to build excitement, create fond memories and bond with classmates throughout the year. You can show your school spirit by sporting attractive school apparel, like sweats, tee shirts, hoodies, caps and letterman jackets.
When you shop for your school apparel and gift items, be sure to select quality merchandise from a reliable and reputable vendor. Personalized clothing and novelty items make fun gifts, but be sure embroidery and printing is meticulously crafted so that your items will look new, vibrant and display y ...

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Dental crowns in just one visit

by on 07/13/2017 - 03:10 pm
Category: Health & Beauty

By Dr. Chrys Constantinou and Dr. Jessica Chrzanowski, Westlake Dental Associates
Modern dentistry emerged in the 19th century when the pioneers of the nascent profession spurred innovative techniques to rescue and restore teeth.
Today, a person getting a tooth crowned owes a debt of gratitude to those early adopters of technology—and, lest we forget, anesthesia.
I know, the marvels of modern dentistry start to wear a little thin by the second appointment. The process of a getting a crown can start to feel like pulling teeth, and you can become convinced that modern dentistry is mired in the dark ages. But rest assured, modern dentistry has moved into the 21s ...

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Systems achieve goals

by on 06/22/2017 - 03:16 pm
Category: Smart Living

By Mike Brady, Michael Brady & Co.
We’ve all been told that it’s important to have goals in life. Whether it’s a continuation of your lifestyle in retirement, starting a new business or running a marathon, it is important to have a vision of the future achievement of your goals.  
Picture yourself living the lifestyle you desire in retirement, crossing that finish line of a marathon or running a successful business. It’s also critical to have a system in place designed to achieve the goal. No one would contemplate running a marathon without having a training program in place that included a history of success in getting runners over the fini ...

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Working it out

by on 06/22/2017 - 03:00 pm
Category: Smart Living

By Emily McCullough, Lucky Shoes
Are you working on getting toned and fit for that beach vacation this summer? Lucky Shoes has the perfect options for you to “work it out” and get fit. With an array of running, stability and cross-trainers in stock, you are sure to find an athletic shoe that will help you meet your goals.
The Hoka Hupana features the cushion feel that Hoka is known for but also includes durability through the midsole and outsole. Not only is this a perfect workout and running shoe, but its breathability and lightweight aspects make it an all-day shoe as well. This unique shoe can be worn to the gym, around town and even for a run on the trail.

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