Your gorgeous yard


Published: 04/11/2017

by Ken McEntee

Prompted by winter's sneak preview of spring, a conversation with Kory Lamphear and Kevin Mick, of Lamphear’s, quickly turns into a discussion about fresh, vibrant yards and landscapes that draw you eagerly out of your house on warm summer days.


“Early spring is the most important time of the year for weed control,” reveals Kory, who started his 17-year-old business before he was old enough to drive a truck.


“The pre-emergent we put down when spring approaches will kill the weed seeds that are dormant beneath the ground and get you started on the right track toward a beautiful lawn for the whole summer.”


And you can stay on the right track by scheduling Lamphear’s Full Season Service Program that includes mulching, deep edging, weekly lawn care, shrub pruning and weed control applications. One of the best parts about leaving it to Lamphear’s is that you get to relax and enjoy your gorgeous yard instead of slaving over it all summer.


“From lawns to landscapes, we specialize in designing, building and maintaining park-like yards that are the envy of any neighborhood,” Kory says. “Our teams can handle new construction installations as well as lawn maintenance and landscaping for years to come.”


Lamphear’s lawn maintenance begins with a fertilization and weed control program that is best started in early spring.


“We don’t subcontract out our fertilization services,” Kory promises.


“We do all of our work in house so that it conforms to our strict quality standards. John Willis, our fertilization expert, has more than 30 years of experience in the business. He will come out and assess your lawn to see what it needs instead of trying to sell you a cookie-cutter service.”


That’s important, John says, because each yard has its own type of grass and soil.


“That’s why we don’t write quotes just by sitting at our desks looking at your home on Google Earth,” Kory assures. “John actually comes to your home and conducts an 11-point analysis and designs a customized treatment plan specifically for your yard. That’s one of our biggest advantages.”


That’s also one reason why Lamphear’s only applies granular fertilizer and liquid weed control.


“Liquid fertilizer is a one-size-fits-all solution,” John explains. “By using granular, I can choose from several different fertilizers that will work best for your lawn.”


Unlike liquid fertilizers, Kory adds, granular fertilizers slowly release nutrients over an extended period of time.


“Liquid fertilizer seeps into the ground, so the benefits are not as long-lasting as slow-release granular fertilizers,” he says.


With your weed problem nipped in the bud for the rest of the year, you may want to turn your attention to your landscaping—whether you want to start fresh with a brand new design and installation, or whether you just want to tidy up your existing plants and ornaments, suggests Kevin, Lamphear’s sales manager.


For new landscape plans, Kevin will walk your yard with you, making suggestions, before creating your yard of the future on his laptop, using the latest landscape designing technology.


“We take a photo of your yard, and with our special software we can wipe it clean and add in new plants and other features and show you how it will look even before you hire us to put it all in,” Kevin says. “It lets you make the best decisions up front.”


Tidying up existing landscapes, Kory insists, is made easier—and likely more cost effective—by scheduling regular trimming and pruning services.


“Plants are a lot like your kids,” he compares.


“When you see them every day, you might not realize how much they are growing. It’s easy to inadvertently let trees, shrubs and other plants get a little out of control. By the time we come out after a few years to clean it all up, some trees and shrubs may have to be replaced instead of trimmed. Keeping up with simple maintenance—at least once or twice a year—could be a money saver in the long run.”


Annual maintenance, he adds, should include a fresh layer of natural wood mulch in the plant beds.


“Mulch makes a yard looks fantastic,” he says.


“But it isn’t only decorative. It also keeps weeds from sprouting up in your beds, and it helps to retain moisture for your plants. We only use premium dyed hardwood mulches—never ground up pallets—that maintain their color throughout the season.”


A spectacular yard, Kory says, is not only something to enjoy, but also to be proud of.


“Your landscaping is going to be one of the first things people notice when they drive by your home,” he insists. “That’s why many people are very particular about the curb appeal of their homes.”


Whether you need landscape enhancement or installation, a fertilization program, yard maintenance services, or a fabulous outdoor living area, you can get on Lamphear’s schedule by calling 330-725-2102. You also can get more information by visiting Lamphear’s is located at 3522 Old Weymouth Road, in Medina.