What's New at Cory's?


Published: 10/17/2012

by Peneope Derethik

Cory Domonkos, owner and stylist at Cory’s Hair Studio and Day Spa in Middleburg Heights, is on a never-ending quest to discover new trends and products to delight her clients. This month is no exception. Recently she and nine of her associates attended a two-day show and workshop in Columbus and returned with a bag of new tricks of the trade.


“Hair extensions are huge this year,” says Cory. “That was probably the biggest focus of the show.”


Although Cory had been offering extensions for over six years, she discovered a new technique called LOX. Instead of being woven into the hair, this system uses beads to attach the extension. As your hair grows out, the weaves can be pulled back up to extend the life of the process up to six months.


“This is the perfect solution for anyone who wants fuller, thicker, longer hair—and the color choices are endless,” Cory says.


Also on tap in the coming weeks, Cory’s will be offering spray tanning, an alternative to harmful tanning beds that is perfect for anyone who wants a sun-kissed glow.


Lash extensions and tinting have also become big.


“This process allows anyone with light or skimpy lashes to enjoy a lush, luminous appearance that really adds a wow factor to your eyes,” explains esthetician Wendy Quesenberry. “The best part is these enhancements are semi-permanent and become part of your everyday make-up.”


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