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Water warriors


Published: 05/16/2016

by Laura Briedis Tomko

A neatly rounded mound of old water heaters behind the APPC Plumbing Services office on Pearl Road in Medina grows taller and taller each day. It’s a testament, of sorts, to an ever-growing business. 


“Every one of these broken water heaters represents a happy customer,” says Keith Schroeter, co-owner of APPC Plumbing Services along with his father, Eric, who founded the business in 1996. “These clients are happy because they now have hot water in their homes.”


“We install nearly 3,000 new water heaters every year,” inserts Eric, noting the figure represents in total more than 50,000 water heaters over the past two decades, making them a leader in the industry.


Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, APPC Plumbing Services has become a go-to company for residential plumbing concerns.


As a full-service plumbing company, the bonded, insured and licensed plumbers at APPC can handle virtually all things related to water in the home, including water heater installation and repair; sewer and drain cleaning; gas, water and sewer line repair; bathroom and kitchen plumbing fixture replacement and repairs; garbage disposal replacement; sump pump and grinder pump installation; and excavation if needed.


“We are a service plumbing organization,” says Eric. “That means we have geared our focus toward the needs of the residential consumer, whether all that’s required is a small repair like a leaking faucet, or something big like excavating to dig up a blocked sewer line.”


“We offer an honest assessment and educate the consumer so he or she understands what the problem is,” he adds. “We want customers to know as much about what’s happening with their plumbing as we do.”


Water Heaters

APPC Plumbing sells and services leading brands of natural gas, electric, power-vented and tankless water heaters.


“We take the approach that we are not selling water heaters but are instead selling your family the hot water it needs,” says Keith. “We don’t push a certain type of heater. We explain the different features of a conventional gas water heater versus a power-vented water heater versus an electric water heater to help the customer determine which is best for his or her needs and household.”


Tankless water heaters have become more notable in the past years, but Eric points out they have to be utilized in the right place for the right reason.


“I consult with clients to find out their needs,” he says. “If there are only two people in the household using low water consumption it might not be the most cost effective; however, for a large family that is always running out of hot water in the shower it could be ideal.”


Sewer and Drain Cleaning

Homeowners usually only call a plumber when there are problems, which often means their sewers and drains are clogged and backed up.


“In Northeast Ohio there are several generations of different drain pipes used in construction, from original clay pipes that settle over the years and develop spaces that allow roots to grow to plastic pipes that sag and cause sludge buildup,” explains Eric. “Tree roots are looking for two things: nutrients and moisture. The sewer line is loaded with nitrates and water, so it is a perfect environment for roots to grow and cause blockage that backs up the water.” 


APPC Plumbing snakes the pipes and cuts the roots free to allow everything to flush out so the water will flow freely. They use the latest technology, such as sewer camera inspections and pressure jetting, for the best results.


Sump Pumps

In the spring, there is more ground water making your home susceptible to flooding.


“A basement is just a swimming pool in the future, and the only thing stopping that from happening is the protection you have from a sump pump,” comments Eric. “Basically, a sump pump is something that gets the water out of the basement so it doesn’t flood.” 


The pump, however, is subject to mechanical failure and electrical power outages, so homeowners should have a backup system as insurance.


“A backup system is cheap insurance,” comments Keith. “A backup can cost about $800, which is minimal when compared to the damage a flood can cause to a $20,000 finished basement.”


APPC Plumbing installs backup sump pump systems that operate on batteries so it is not dependent on electric currents, as well as hydraulic-driven backup system.


“By offering expert workmanship and honest assessments, we are trying to enhance the perception of our industry by providing solutions,” states Keith, proudly noting the company’s Better Business Bureau gold star rating.


APPC Plumbing is located at 3247 Pearl Road in Medina, across from the Bunker Hill Golf Course. For more information, call the store at 330-722-7754. For service, call 330-590-0401 locally for Medina County or 216-396-6524 for the Greater Cleveland area. Visit for more details about plumbing services.