Trepke Vision Care


Published: 08/20/2009

by Ken McEntee

If your child missed four days of school every week, he or she would clearly miss out on a lot of learning. Going to class without proper vision is likely to have similar results, according to Dr. Ronald Trepke, O.D., owner of Trepke Vision Care, in Strongsville.

“Eighty percent of a child’s learning is done through her eyes,” insists Dr. Ron, “She needs to see the blackboard, read and do homework papers. If she can’t do those things efficiently it slows her learning.”

With another year of learning ready to begin, Dr. Ron suggests that your kids have a comprehensive eye examination to make sure their vision is sharp. He’s been helping Strongsville kids stay focused on their studies for more than nine years in his office at the corner of Drake and Prospect roads.

When you come to visit, but can’t see Dr. Trepke’s familiar Berris Optical sign, don’t worry; it’s not your eyes. Berris Optical of Strongsville is now Trepke Vision Care. Dr. Trepke, who co-owned the business with Berris, has acquired full ownership. The sign, he promises, is all that’s changing.

“We have the same great personal service, the same great selection of frames and contacts, and we work with the same insurance companies,” he explains. “Nothing has changed except the name.”
Trepke Vision Care is a full-service eye care center, offering exams, eyeglasses, contact lenses, other vision products and treatment of eye disease.

Optician Ben LaMarca and Denise Wells remain in the office to help make sure that you not only see well, but look good, too. Trepke Vision Care has thousands of frames on display, featuring the latest styles, with a selection for any budget.

“Our customers tell us they are complimented all the time on their frames,” Dr. Ron says. “Ben not only provides outstanding service, but he also has a great eye for fashion. “I don’t recall anybody leaving here saying they couldn’t find something they liked.”

Dr. Ron promises that patients will continue to get the same helpful, personal service they have come to expect over the last nine years.

“We do whatever we can to help, whether it’s accommodating short-notice appointments or helping patients with insurance issues,” he says. “Our success is based on our honesty. We never try to sell people something they don’t need, whether it’s eyeglasses, contacts or medical treatment.”

If you are unsure about what your insurance plan covers, the staff at Trepke Vision Care will be happy to review your coverage for you.

Dr. Trepke and his wife, Faye, also an optometrist have been active members of the Strongsville community since they moved here in 1992. They have four children, ranging from six to 15 years old.

With your children getting ready return to school, Dr. Ron says this is an ideal time to be sure to be sure their vision is perfect. He suggests that they have a comprehensive eye examination, and cautions that vision screenings, like those done by schools, are not complete eye exams.

“When I ask patients when they had their last eye exam, a lot of them say it was when they renewed their driver’s license,” he says. “It’s not the same thing. When we do an exam, we look at the complete health of the eye. A simple vision screening might say that you have 20-20 vision, but that doesn’t mean everything is okay.”

Dr. Trepke shares research that indicates that vision screenings fail to detect vision problems in one-third of children. The research shows that 25-percent of children have a vision problem, yet 35-percent of children between the ages of five and 12 have never had an eye exam.

To schedule an exam for your child, you can call Dr. Trepke, at 440-878-0122. Trepke Vision Care is open Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.; Thursdays from 10:00 a.m to 8:00 p.m.; and Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Trepke Vision Care is located at 20914 Drake Road, Strongsville.