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Total hearing wellness


Published: 12/22/2016

by Nina Polien Light

There are many hearing centers throughout Northeast Ohio, but Cleveland ENT/Physician Hearing Centers is different. It offers both top-notch hearing aid service and a comprehensive ENT medical practice, says Dr. Bert Brown.


“Our physician-doctor of audiology team approach means we manage the process of treating hearing loss at the highest level, accounting for both the hearing loss and the person’s total wellness,” says Dr. Brown, an otolaryngologist. “Our highly skilled professionals truly customize hearing aids above and beyond what most centers are able to do.”


This is accomplished in several ways. First, Dr. Brown and his team of doctors of audiology work together to formulate a hearing correction plan for each patient. This level of collaboration is not typical of other hearing centers where an ENT often hands off a patient to an audiologist and moves on to the next patient, Dr. Brown explains.


Next, the plan acknowledges that everyone interprets sounds in a unique way, and that may vary from one setting to another. Instead of relying on standardized computer settings to adjust hearing aids, doctors of audiology at Cleveland ENT/Physician Hearing Centers have access to the country’s only Sound Experience Room, located in both the Macedonia and Mayfield Heights offices.


The state-of-the-art setting allows patients to test their hearing aids in real-life situations so audiologists can adjust the aids on the spot. The comfortable room is outfitted with a high-definition television, surround sound and state-of-the-art SER Fitting System technology. SER simulates sounds patients will encounter during their daily lives, such as music, children’s laughter and people talking in a busy restaurant. Based on the patient’s response, the audiologist adjusts the hearing aid so it will not over- or under-amplify sound.


But more than technology sets Cleveland ENT/Physician Hearing Centers apart.


“Technology is wonderful, but it’s only as good as the people who operate it,” observes Dr. Brown.


“Our experienced audiologists truly understand how to customize the fitting process to each patient’s needs and ensure his or her hearing aids will work in the best way possible. They are committed to a high level of care and never settle for an average result. We don’t just sell the device. We offer lifetime care, which means we pledge to be with them every step of the way to maximize their ability to hear for the rest of their lives.”


Fitting patients with hearing aids is critical to their total wellbeing, Dr. Brown adds. In addition to diminishing the joys of attending a grandchild’s piano recital or going to the movies, hearing loss can negatively affect memory and cognition.


“But a recent study reveals that by treating hearing loss early and correcting it in the proper way, it appears we can prevent further decline,” the doctor says. Cleveland ENT/Physician Hearing Centers carries most brands of quality hearing aids. Dr. Brown offers a variety of payment plans and works with patients so they can obtain the hearing aids they need.


Additionally, Dr. Brown’s medical practice includes treatment of other ear, nose and throat concerns—such as wax build-up in the ears, ear infections, allergies, sinus issues, swallowing problems, thyroid maladies and snoring.


“Patients can be appropriately treated for medical and hearing issues all in one convenient location,” he says.


Cleveland ENT/Physician Hearing Centers has two locations: 6770 Mayfield Road, Suite 210 (in the Atrium of Hillcrest Hospital), in Mayfield Heights, and 640 East Aurora Road, in Macedonia. Hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., with extended hours on Monday and Wednesday. The phone number is 440-461-0766 (Mayfield Heights) or 330-908-0367 (Macedonia). Visit the website at