The On-Call advantage: Sewer line jetting and camera scoping


Published: 06/17/2014

by Beth Newcomb


It’s not as shocking as it seems.


A Westside homeowner had water in her basement every time it rained. And, as any proactive person would, she called in waterproofing companies, collected estimates, and then selected the team she felt would do the best job. Her basement waterproofing was addressed as it should have been—from the outside—and the crew left her feeling confident that she’d never have to worry about mopping up after a storm again.


Imagine her stunned expression when, during the next downpour, water managed to find a way into her lower level living space once more. As it turns out, the problem wasn’t a leaky basement at all but was instead the result of a sewer pipe not being connected at the street. To top it all off, the woman had signed a contract with the waterproofing company that took away some of her legal rights, leaving her with limited recourse.


First and foremost, insists Frank Tomaro, owner of On-Call Waterproofing, you should never, ever have to give up your rights to have your basement or other contract work waterproofed. “It’s unthinkable,” he stresses. “I tell all of my potential clients exactly what to expect before I even send them a contract. Once I do, they can see plainly that we stand behind our work and they are not going to be forced to give up legal recourse. I even encourage them to check out the Ohio Attorney General’s website. It’s shocking how many waterproofing companies have lawsuits pending against them. In the 15 years that we’ve been in business, we’ve never even come close to litigation.”


“We do what’s right for our customers—always,” Frank emphasizes. “I treat every one of them like a family member. I treat every yard as if it were my own. We do what we say we’re going to do and we do it well.”


Offering the latest technology, like camera scoping and sewer line jetting, is part of the On-Call advantage. “We want to save you time and money,” he states. “If the woman we’ve described in this story had called us first, we could have run our camera down the line and shown her that the sewer pipe was disconnected, saving her thousands of dollars in unnecessary waterproofing.”


Another homeowner, a do-it-yourselfer, decided that he was more than man enough to take on the challenges of a sewer line dig-up. After excavating his yard and replacing the pipe, he found that the problem he’d worked to correct was still very much an issue. 


“He called us in to run our camera down the line. We found the issue about 10 feet away from where he’d stopped digging. The problem really ended up being a broken pipe and we had to re-do all of his work. He spent twice as much as he needed to,” Frank says. 


Before work begins, Frank will come to your house to do a consultation. There is no contract and no high-pressure sales pitch. Once he runs the numbers, he’ll email you a contract and a price. If you decide to move forward with the work, you can.


“I put the power right into the hands of the client,” he insists. The $250 charge for camera scoping is applied to your bill as a credit, should you decide to hire On-Call to do the work. If a clearable line blockage is found, Frank and his team will blast it away with water. “It’s a better option than snaking,” Frank says. 


For businesses like restaurants with grease build up, Frank recommends routine jetting to keep lines clear. He’s also worked with roofing contractors to clear gutters.


Frank, who is present on every job, is a Certified Master Sewer Builder with over 15 years of experience. He is able to bring an exceptional level of knowledge and professionalism to every project. And, when you refer On-Call to someone you know, whether you’ve been a past client or not, and he or she books a $2,500 or more job, Frank will send you a hundred bucks as a thank you.


Another thing Frank is proud of is the fact that he answers all of his own calls. You can reach him directly at 440-476-3602. Visit the website,, to view a video of a basement waterproofing job from start to finish. You can find the link to the Attorney General’s website on the homepage. Also visit to view a selection of videos featuring On-Call, including one on sewer line jetting.