Stroke and Hand Recovery


Published: 10/17/2012

by Laura Briedis

Many people take for granted daily activities, such as pulling up their pants to get dressed every morning or cutting up food on a plate. But for those who have arthritis, fractures, lacerations, joint problems, carpel tunnel and other repetitive stress injuries, or are recovering from a stroke, even these simple tasks can be a struggle.


Now thanks to Sharon Covey, occupational therapist and president of The Center for Stroke and Hand Recovery, clients are finding pain relief and improving their quality of life at the new outpatient clinic in Solon.


“Through a comprehensive evaluation, I can identify limiting factors and develop a treatment plan of care that is focused on helping clients overcome their limitations through a patient-specific treatment program,” Sharon says.


One patient who saw significant improvements under Sharon’s care was a 20-year-old man who’d sustained a severe hand injury during a motocross accident. “This ws one of the worst breaks I’d ever seen. He had multiple fractures and severe tendon injuries,” she says. “Through hard work and specialized care, he was able to regain the use of his hand, something his surgeon said was ‘unbelievable.’”


She also treated a woman whose job requires using a tiny paintbrush to clean equipment, which has resulted in repetitive stress injury. The patient brought in the tools she needed to perform her job and Sharon adapted them and showed her more ergonomically correct positions that reduce repetitive stress injuries. The patient was able to prevent surgery and her pain and numbness were eliminated.


“In 75% of cases, I can prevent patients from having carpal tunnel surgery by teaching them simple exercises, identifying causative factors and implementing environmental modifications,” she states.


One of the few Saebo-certified practitioners in town, Sharon also works with patients after a stroke to help them regain function in their hands and arms—even those who had a stroke five to 10 years ago. “I treat stroke patients others have given up on,” she comments. “I might not be able to get them to play the piano again, but I can get them to perform daily functions.”


Armed with more than 20 years of experience and a passion for helping patients, Sharon not only rehabilitates lives but also empowers individuals by helping them be all that they can be.


“What many people might not know is that occupational therapy is a direct access profession, which means you can walk in without a doctor’s referral for treatment, except for the limitations of Medicare, Medicaid and Worker’s Comp.,” she explains. “And the center accepts most insurance plans, so check us out to see how we can greatly improve your quality of life.”


The Center for Stroke and Hand Recovery is located inside Rehabilitex, at 6001 Cochran Road, Suite 202, in Solon. Call 440-498-9723 for an appointment.