No matter what the season, a vehicle wash at Montrose Laserwash is always a hot water wash.

Speed Clean!


Published: 08/14/2013

by Beth


There’s only one way to get your car really clean, and it doesn’t involve a trip through the car wash at your local gas station, where recycled cold water is the standard. At those places, if you’re lucky, you might find that some of seasonal filth rinses off, but the big nylon spinner with the scratchy plastic “fingers” that circles your vehicle—after the spaghetti arms of the felt pads have run lazily across the hood and roof—just doesn’t seem to get all the grime off.


Thanks to owner and former NASA engineer Kurt Loos, Montrose Laserwash is one of the most advanced auto wash systems available in the state of Ohio. You don’t have to worry about the brushes reaching the back of your car or scratching its flawless surface—because there aren’t any.


Kurt regularly spends thousands of dollars to upgrade what is already the most advanced way to rid your vehicle of dirt and grime. Your wait time and wash time are just over four minutes. “Nobody can touch that time,” Kurt boasts.


And because he attends virtually every car wash trade show in the country, belongs to an organization comprised exclusively
of car wash owners, and is a self-described laserwash technology geek, Kurt has just added another feature to his already
sensational system: LaserGlow.


Arguably akin to a computer wizard discovering a way to make your user-friendly laptop even easier to manage, LaserGlow does the simple job of introducing enhanced lighting to make it easer for customers who visit Montrose Laserwash to navigate the wash system.


“The lights change with each cycle,” Kurt says. “No more guessing about when to pull forward or how far. Laser Glow guides you every step of the way. The lights start flashing green toward the center. And when your car is in position, they change to red. And it’s easier to see because LaserGlow is mounted to the top of the wash bay, instead of off to the side.”


No matter what the season, a vehicle wash at Montrose Laserwash is always a hot water wash. The power spray system includes a revolutionary arch that rotates around the entire exterior of any sized vehicle perfectly, all while maintaining a precise 14-inch distance from its surface.


“It senses the size of your car and adjusts the wash accordingly,” Kurt says. “It’s completely customized.”


Dirt is powered off every square inch of the front, back, and underneath of your vehicle. Even if you have a black car, you don’t have to worry about swirl marks and scratches. And the arm adjusts to fit so that even the littlest cars come clean.


“The speed with which our system powers off the dirt saves a tremendous amount of water and chemicals while taking nothing
away from the quality of the finished product,” Kurt assures.


Because Kurt is sensitive to the need to provide a better value, he refuses to increase prices to compensate for the expense of his technology. He even offers discount codes to those who “like” the Montrose Laserwash Facebook page.


“I’m able to keep my prices where they have been since I opened because my system actually saves on the cost of resources,” he reveals.


Montrose Laserwash—located at 58 Brookmont Road, behind the Olive Garden on West Market Street and Swenson’s—is open 24/7/365. Visit the website to purchase discounted auto wash certificates, at Follow them on Facebook, and Twitter, or text MLW to 88588 to get in on the latest deals.