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What are the “right” things to say when someone dies?

How do you convey your condolences to a family when one of their loved ones dies? According to funeral director Jeff Monreal, actions speak louder than words.

What happens to hearing after 40?

Since the process of hearing loss is gradual—like a dimmer switch that’s slowly being dimmed—it’s difficult to detect. The experts at Mentor's Advanced Audiology Concepts recommend patients get their first baseline evaluation when they are 40.

Who controls your money after you die?

According to Strongsville attorney John J. Urban, it doesn’t matter how you’ve listed the beneficiaries on your bank account if this one important element is in play.

Window dressing

Published: 09/20/2016 by Patricia Nugent in Home

Window dressing

It’s so much more than throwing fabric over a rod and calling it a day.

What’s the big deal about Northeast Factory Direct?

As impressive as the service reputation of Northeast Factory Direct really is, saving thousands on high-quality home furnishings is the bigger deal.

Which kitchen colors will stand the test of time?

Northeast Factory Direct lead designer Angelo Lardomita reveals which color choices will stand the test of time in the kitchen.

Where are you on cleaning day?

Some people are reluctant to hire a maid service because they think they have to be home on cleaning day. Not with The Maids. Here’s why.

Window Dressing 101

Published: 06/21/2017 by Patricia Nugent in Home

Window Dressing 101

Eileen Zimmerman, of Well Dressed Windows, reveals the tips and tricks used by pros to dress windows of all shapes and sizes.

What not to lock in the box

According to Strongsville attorney John J. Urban, most people make the mistake of locking their important papers in a safety deposit box. But there’s a good reason why you shouldn’t.

What you need to know about Northeast Factory Direct

You’re probably aware that Northeast Factory Direct offers savings of hundreds and even thousands of dollars off of top-quality home furnishings. But here’s what you don’t know.