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Upgrade your kitchen––for less!

According to Alex Nemet, nobody can touch the remarkable value of the solid wood cabinetry available at his Northeast Factory Direct. Here’s why he’s selling three to four kitchens—per day.

Upgrade to Mallard's Edge

Published: 05/23/2017 by Laura Brieidis in Home

Upgrade to Mallard's Edge

Downsizing doesn’t have to mean downgrading. Here’s why empty nesters in Northeast Ohio are flocking to Mallard’s Edge.

Uncle Sam’s hand is out

According to Strongsville attorney John J. Urban, if the beneficiary on your 401k or IRA isn’t correct, you could be facing a stiff tax penalty.

Understanding Obamacare: Choosing the right coverage

Because HealthMarkets is an independent insurance agency, Roni Bell’s clients have access to a number of different carriers, like HealthSpan, instead of just one option. And the best part is, her guidance is free.

UWD’s super heroes of service

Todd Maynard and Joe Scicchitano might appear to be two ordinary guys working for one of Northeast Ohio’s most successful window companies, but are they?

Understanding the Affordable Care Act

The team at HealthMarkets Insurance Agency in Brunswick understands the ins and outs of the Affordable Care Act.

Universal Windows’ brand new UniShield MAX vinyl windows

The new UniShield MAX replacement windows, from Universal Windows, of Oakwood, take durability and energy savings to a whole new level. The difference is the innovative fiberglass reinforced resin insert. Here’s why that matters.

UniShield Supreme

Published: 09/24/2009 by Ken McEntee in Home

UniShield Supreme

Customers who install Universal Windows Direct's UniShield Supreme vinyl siding are saving 20% on heating costs—guaranteed.

Use it or lose it

Published: 07/31/2015 by Ken McEntee in Health & Beauty

Use it or lose it

As a direct result of hearing loss, you could be losing up to one centimeter of brain matter a year. Robert Pavlik Jr. and Susan Turano, of Brookway Hearing Center, explain.

Urgent care

Published: 07/13/2015 by Ken McEntee in Health & Beauty

Urgent care

Because illness and injury don’t make appointments, University Hospitals Fairlawn Health Center now has an urgent care center—close to home.