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Meet the Apex Dermatology Team: Valerie Dailey

Valerie Dailey and the team at Apex Dermatology focus on helping people maintain healthy, vibrant skin.

Meet the Artist: Wayne Peltz

One by 1 LEGO Mosaics: A nostalgic toy, translated into art.

Mum’s the word

Published: 10/17/2016 by Paris Wolfe, Contributing Writer in Home

Mum’s the word

If all the world loves a party, nature decorates for the best festivities in fall. Consider the color carnival in the trees. Join the fun with a carpet of matching mums.

Meet the Artist: Jeffrey Dube

Make your own statement with Jeffrey Dube's jewelry, inspired by Cleveland.

Meaningful moments

Published: 08/24/2017 by Beth Newcomb in Smart Living

Meaningful moments

Sometimes the greatest gift we can give our loved ones is the opportunity to live life on their terms.

Make time for you

As part of its outreach efforts, Aligned Health Center connects with the community on issues of health and wellness.

Meet the 2017 Lake County YMCA Dream House Designers

Published: 06/20/2017 by Mimi Vanderhaven in Home

Meet the 2017 Lake County YMCA Dream House Designers

Tour the 2017 Lake County YMCA Dream House and get leading-edge ideas from some of the region’s top designers!


Published: 07/26/2016 by Ken McEntee in Smart Living


Avon’s Mathnasium closes the math learning gap and helps students to excel.

Moving forward with the Caliber Dance Company

They like to move it, move it. The Caliber Dance Company team continues to introduce a new vibe to little toe tappers in Northeast Ohio.

Meet the Artist: Laurel Herbold

The movement of thought, caught on canvas.