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CVCC prepares students for success

Each year, Cuyahoga Valley Career Center helps more than 25,000 students prepare for a lifetime of success.

Casey's Corner

Published: 08/24/2017 by Patricia Nugent in Health & Beauty

Casey's Corner

Title Boxing Club owner Casey Wandell helps his members tap into their inner beast by following his roadmap to life.

Can dogs see color?

Published: 08/24/2016 by Mitch Allen in Smart Living

Can dogs see color?

Although dogs can see some colors, they generally cannot detect reds and greens. Compared to humans, they rely more heavily on a heightened sense of smell and hearing.

CEOs and the struggle to stay fit

The problem for most CEOs isn’t getting to the top; it’s maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Westlake’s MaxStrength helps them overcome the struggle and stay fit.

Creatively memorializing your life

According to funeral director Jeff Monreal, people are choosing to creatively memorialize their life.

Curing hair loss

Published: 06/19/2017 by Mimi Vanderhaven in Health & Beauty

Curing hair loss

You don’t have to live with hair loss. Revive Regenerative Medical Spa has the cure for alopecia.

Cardio training at Brecksville’s Fitness Together

The new Cardio Together program at Brecksville’s Fitness Together adds another level of excellence to this groundbreaking fitness model.

Chasing pennies can cost you

If you’ve tried to save a buck or two by completing your own estate documents, now is a perfect time to schedule a free review with John.

Color trends in 2017

Published: 04/18/2017 by Beth Newcomb in Home

Color trends in 2017

In keeping with the latest color trends in fabrics and home décor, Northeast Factory Direct is packed with up-to-the-minute inventory, priced way below retail.

Cleveland Cultural Gardens: Peace through mutual understanding

The Cleveland Cultural Gardens marks 100 years.